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Atlas Uprising

SpeedoNino's interesting ban (not very)


Event details


SteamID :  https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199085197992/

Server : Atlas SCP-RP

Discord Name & Number ( Ex. Soul#2451 ) : Speedo#8001

In-Game Name :Speedo Weedo

Ban Length ( How long was the ban ) : 3 interesting days

Ban Reason : LTAP, innapropriate description

Which Staff Member Banned you? : John Daily


Why I should be Unbanned : I was going through and i did shoot someone once with a pistol, which yeah is my fault, but some person whos name i dont remember came through and handcuffed me in swiftness like i was about to light the place ablaze (seemed upset) and asked me to change my description and it was not the worst thing but i agreed with the added comment that other higher ups had approved of it and thought it was funny so i had mistakenly thought it was okay. This GENSEC guy then starts dragging me and another person who was INVISIBLE for whatever reason it was like i MOON KNIGHT with voices in my head with how little they were even letting me say, so i got annoyed and went to TTT (terrorist town) for a bit...i had only been on for about 2 minutes...so instead of letting me sit there to change my bio, they start literally pushing me around like theyre my school bullys and they said out loud *we are not in RP were staff talking to you now* so WHY was i being handcuffed if were OOC?? Dayum, my momma did always tell me that since im brown i might face some problems in my days, but this was a little overboard to get me to change my descript. THEY KNOW MY NAME, NOT MY STORY! but in all seriousness, it could have been handled with a lot less aggressinvess and i was already co-oping


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