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Event Application: character development

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Box Oz

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1. What is your name?

Ingame nane: GENSEC MSGT Box Oz / 'Ozymandias'

Discord: MR. box

2. What is the title of your RP? (if not filled in staff will come up with a name for it)


3. What range would this RP affect? (Ex. My RP will affect everyone in the server or My RP will affect just a small personal group)

It will affect anyone on site, anyone who captured me, it will affect anyone who my character is close with, and also affect people in the future if the O.D. is used again for other things.

4. How would this improve roleplay for the server?

It's character development for my character, also it could lead people to new rp situations who's intrigued with my backstory, and may be able to introduce new enemies.

5. What does your RP entail? Describe it to us. (Detailed descriptions are required)

Alright, so my character is a deep rooted spy working for another organization called the O.D. (Order of Dusk) an anomalous group wishing to stay in the shadows and take scps for It's self, they wish to use the scps as ways to heighten themselves for their own self benefit. ( Ex: be immortal, shapeshifter, and other things like that.) 

My character only works for them because his wife is dead, and is only wishing to bring her back. So he goes to the site trying to hack into the server for info about reviving the dead, until all goes wrong and a alarm goes off. Hopefully if all goes right, Box Oz gets captured. Once this happens a nearby O.D. MTF Unit has heard of the capture and is trying to keep things quiet at all cost. So they go in the facility to kill Box Oz to keep things quiet about the O.D., box knows of the MTF unit and knows how the O.D. operates when dealing with captures. 

6. What are the limits as well as basic rules for your application?

All I would need was a task force to infiltrate once I get captured, and an alarm that could notify people. I could do the hacking part, but I'm also hoping that theirs enough people going to be on during that time.

I understand the rules of no custom classes, so these people will just be in a different model, on the choosing job. The O.D. MTF unit consists of 5 people (Volunteers can be cool with me) and the models can be whatever, as long as it's not CI or any currently existing foundation models being used. Their wepons can be whatever, just as long as their not the ist wepons. Health and armor could hopefully be as much as RRH, but then again I'm fine as long as they don't die instantly. They also have cyanide pills, just in case they get captured.

7. Note

If you have any other questions about it than contact me through discord, TeamSpeak, or ingame when I'm available.

If you have any complaints or if this can not work, please notify me why so I can make changes.

I have not put an end time because I do not know the exact time it will end.

Edited by Box Oz
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