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Event Application: Army of Undead


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Box Oz

Event details


1. What is your name?


Ingame nane: GENSEC MSGT Box Oz / 'Ozymandias'


Discord: MR. box#1499


2. What is the title of your RP? (if not filled in staff will come up with a name for it)


Army of Undead


3. What range would this RP affect? (Ex. My RP will affect everyone in the server or My RP will affect just a small personal group)


I will affect everyone in the foundation, and if out of hand, everyone outside.


4. How would this improve roleplay for the server?


It's a fun roleplay situation, where 049 has breached and has an army of undead.


5. What does your RP entail? Describe it to us. (Detailed descriptions are required)


It entails of 049 escaping and having a different serum and it's resurrecting an incredible amount of undead, forcing the foundation to fight back and control the situation.


6. What are the limits as well as basic rules for your application?


There needs to be zombie npcs spawned in who aren't one shot, and there needs to be an 049 who gets to be ignored by the zombie npcs. Also 049 can not infect players. It would also be great if it was possible to repurpose scp-4000-w swep to make it a zombie appearance instead of a werewolf, so that players could infect other players, though I don't know how the zombie npcs could ignore the player zombies. 049 needs to be aware that this event is happening. There needs to be an overwhelming amount of zombie npcs. 049 can breach to surface but 049 has to believe that all life on site has been eliminated, once 049 breaches than he either goes to CI base or village to continue his rampage until stopped.


7. Note


If you have any other questions about it than contact me through discord, TeamSpeak, or ingame when I'm available.


If you have any complaints or if this can not work, please notify me why so I can make changes.


Edited by Box Oz


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