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[ACCEPTED] Dean McNeil's RP Application

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Player Info

Name: Dean McNeil

Discord (Your Default Username): fighter_gold

Steam ID (Found Here): 76561198131133737

Current Faction & Branch: GENSEC

Rank Held (RP): 2LT

Do you currently have a DCB? (If not please make one before submitting this application. Depending whether or not your application gets accepted, you will need to add these traits to it.): I have a WIP DCB that will be finished after this application is reviewed.

RP Application Questionnaire

Please give an overview of what your RP application entails (200 words):
This is an RP application for Dean McNeil's past, I am making this application in hope that I can make a DCB with LV5 information that is hidden from my character. The file would have a LV4 version and a LV5 version. The LV5 version would be available to LV5 personnel.

Dean McNeil was born on 07/24/2020. He is the son of former foundation member, later defector to CI Sean "Two-Face" McNeil, grandson of Vertko "Grimm" McNeil.
He will have a quiet childhood in the town of Foyers, where Sean had a one night stand with a waitress while on a mission related to SCP-5533. In 2046 Dean will prevent a CK-Class Reality Restructioning Scenario, sending him back 25 years into the past. The Foundation then would pick Dean up from the site of the incident to question him. To guarantee that history follows its course, the Foundation will ensure that young Dean's life follows it's natural path without interference from anyone who knows about the incident. Dean would be administered Class-F amnestics, given a new identity and be recruited into the Foundation due to his abillities and in order to keep him close. He knows his father's name and that he worked in the foundation, the rest is classified.

The LV4 version would be his implanted identity. There would be nothing out of the ordinary about it. His new identity would be close to his real one, but it would be set in the past and in a different city. His relatives' names would remain the same, but he would not know anything about them except that they worked within the Foundation.

If this application gets accepted, how can you see this RP benefiting your growth? (100 Words): I would love to finally be able to flesh out Dean McNeil's character and try to write him a good story. Dean is a character I have played on this server since 2021. He has went through a lot: different branches, captains, different sites. The one constant is what Dean considers his home - The Foundation, but more importantly GENSEC and his comrades within. They come and go, but always leave memories behind, good or bad. I am determined to continiue the tradition of the infamous McNeilRP! This is a very rough outline of the story, I didn't want to spend too much effort into it without knowing if it would be accepted or not.

If this application gets accepted, how can you use this RP to benefit other players’ characters in the server? (100 Words): If this gets accepted, it would allow for great RP opportunities between my character, the Foundation and even CI, if they somehow manage to obtain this information through interogations or stealing it from the Foundation's servers. This would allow other players to participate within this story and create and enrich their own doing so. Maybe Dean would one day learn of his fate. Will he forgive the foundation for hiding all of this from him? Or will he grow resentment for the fake live he has led up to that point, the fake life he still is still living in?
Note: MGMT reserves itself to reverse this decision at any point of time.
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