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[ACCEPTED] Llama Real CI application

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-OOC Info-
  1. Community Name:
    Darks_Llama or Llama
  2. Past/Current Character Names:
    Alastair "Kairos" Anchor
  3. SteamID 64 [Example: 76561198062648488]:
  4. Discord ID [Example: 527286350437941280]:
  5. Do you have Teamspeak? If not please download it and make sure you are verified in TS. [Yes/No]:
  6. Do you have discord? if not, please join the AU discord. [Yes/No]:
  7. How many hours do you have in GMOD and AU's SCPRP Server?:
    In gmod I have 1200h and on AU I do not remember but most of these gmod hour are on AU.
  8. Please list all warns/bans applied to you within AU:
    None :]

-OOC Questions-
  1. Have you ever been removed from this Job? (If so, please explain why?):
    Only due to being class-F'ed (If i remember correctly) in RP, but I believe I was just removed of my rank (really not sure, its been awhile).
  2. What is a "/me"? Please give an example:
    /me is a way to mimic an action, for example: /me lift the trophy in the air
  3. If someone performs a "/me" against you, what do you do?:
    /roll to see if they can achieve their action
  4. What is a "/roll"? Please give an example:
    /roll is a way to roll to see if you succeed in your /me. For example: /roll after another player did a /me tackle him to the ground
  5. What is RDM? Please give an example:
    Random Death Match. For example: a Gensec PVT kill a D-Class in cafeteria for no reason.
  6. What is NLR? Please give an example:
    New Life Rule. For example: when you die in game you have to wait a certain amount of time before getting back in action.
  7. What is FearRP? Please give an example:
    Fear RP is when you are put in a act where any normal human being would be scared for their life. For example: having guns pointed at you.
  8. When a staff member tells you to get off the job, will you listen to them? (Yes / No):
    Of course!

-Long-Form Questions-
  1. How does CI view the anomalous?:
    As weapons and inferior to them. They will be used to their advantage to gain the superiority they are seeking.
  2. An E6 PVT was just spotted close to CI base, they have no weapons out and are simply standing outside. What would you do?:
    I would approach them looking if they need anything. From this I can see two scenario possible.
    1: They tell me something important which I can help them with. For example: They saw something crash and need CI help.
    2: They tell me something useless/wasting time which I will ask them to go away. For example: They ask who is Joe.
    2.1: They do not listen when I asked them to go away and still looks to be wasting time so I shoot them.
  3. You just spotted a CI INT going headfirst into the Foundation alone. What do you do?:
    If they are on TS I will ask them to get back from there and tell an higher up about this while also making sure foundation know it wasn't an raid attempt. If they aren't on TS, I will ask them in comms and once again tell an higher up and clear the confusion.
  4. In terms of leadership, who would be higher rank? AI CPT or SPIRE SL?:
    I believe they are both the same rank in term of leadership. The only exception being one is more for the insurgent (AI CPT) and the other being more for Spire operative (Spire SL).
  5. A SPIRE Operation has just been called, what does this mean?:
    This mean that all insurgents needs to answer to only the Spire operative and the commander.

  1. Do you recognize that while in combat, you will do your best to respect RP situations happening around you? [Yes/No]:
  2. Do you recognize that to climb the ranks you must not only provide good leadership but also RP? [Yes/No]:
  3. Do you recognize that as a member of CI, you will respect others around you and be respectful even during stressful situations? [Yes/No]:
Welcome to The Chaos Insurgency.

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