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[ACCEPTED] Project C.H.I.P

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Ace Gonzalez

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Player Info

Name: James Walker

Discord (Your Default Username): thereaper5525

Steam ID (Found Here): STEAM_0:0:510707624 or 76561198981680976

Current Faction & Branch: Foundation, Research Agency

Rank Held (RP): SGT

Do you currently have a DCB?: https://forums.atlasuprising.com/th...rch_agency-nco-sgt-james_walker-hackable.462/

RP Application Questionnaire

Please give an overview of what your RP application entails (200 words): I would like to make a small robot/PDA that will be called Chemical and Hazard Identification and Preservation or C.H.I.P for short. It will have a basic AI I intend to make (With DHOR+ approval) with the help of a site tech. It will be modeled after a dog's behavior and personality as a human-based AI could be far too dangerous. It would have the ability to detect SEE, Humes, Biohazards, and Radiation in a small 10x10 ft radius (I intend to only use it as an RP tool not to power game) as well as a portable safe storage cooling device for samples to preserve them. As well as take them however it would need to be set up for the specific type of sample that will be taken so its storage unit can be modified to properly temp store it or it could be in a form of neutral mode where it would just act as a coolant so it doesn't overheat and maintains around the same temperature human blood is stored in. It would be used simply to detect what was listed earlier and act as a temp storage device for transporting samples when standard containers are unavailable such as during events. It would also be used by research to perform on-the-field basic scans of items and areas so we know if it is safe for personnel.

In order to use it you would be required to have a higher clearance level than the person it was assigned to, a copy of their biometrics, a verbal transfer of ownership or hack it (most likely a very simple hack)

As far as its 'AI' it would simply be able to perform basic commands such as scan this, alert for hazards in the area, Open storage, etc. It would only be able to perform 1 or 2 of these things at a time and how effective each thing is depends on the role the person would get.

If this application gets accepted, how can you see this RP benefiting your growth? (100 Words): It would help perform the duties researchers and RA need to do in the field without having to bring multiple things or worry about how to store a sample like a vial of blood. It can't just be tossed into a pocket it needs to be sealed in a cool environment or it risks contamination or corroding over time. (not to mention the obvious dropping it) It would also help speed along some things such as scanning for Humes or See level instead of having to run back to the research bay if you were assigned this you could simply perform it immediately on the field.

If this application gets accepted, how can you use this RP to benefit other players’ characters in the server? (100 Words): I would use it by giving access to it to all members of research and possibly medical so they can use it to check blood types in emergency situations. It would mainly be through passive RP that this device would affect others. It would be a QOL device that would take quite some time to make and most likely only be used by NCO+ due to how long it would take to make and their short amount. It would benefit others by doing what we can already do in a more optimized manner as one of these could do what you would need several to do and act as an amazing storage device for materials and samples of anomalous or biohazardous nature or just standard temp storage in the event of standard storage being unavailable. (Plus with the frequent power outages im surprised medbay still has good blood)
Note: MGMT reserves itself to reverse this decision at any point of time.
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