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Name: Water Enthusiast

Discord (Your Default Username): birchgod

Steam ID (Found Here): 76561198271997128

Current Faction & Branch: CI, RI

Rank Held (RP): Ambassador

Do you currently have a DCB? (If not please make one before submitting this application. Depending whether or not your application gets accepted, you will need to add these traits to it.): Yes

RP Application Questionnaire

Please give an overview of what your RP application entails (200 words):

Project-IRIS is a weapon made with the collaboration of all knowledge gathered by Research Insurgency Members of Cell Omicron, It is an attachment for a SEE extractor with four 0.1 Centimeter gold plates with One centimeter lead plates on each angled to a degree angled to another plate, The SEE will go through the Lead plates making the SEE energy more powerful and the gold will reflect the energy to the other plate. The plates are focused to each other with the fourth one being aimed to the end of the chamber containing lead making the beam potentially mor sde powerful or focused, this is all contained with Steel making for a strong hold for durability in storage or in the case of battle. Project IRIS will be a weapon in the Cell Omicron's Anomalous Armory in the sane sense as Project BLIND for use in scenarios like a breakneck event or an anomaly that needs protection from anomalies. The SEE Extractor needs to be filled to full in order for the project to work at peak performance, this can be gathered through plants, entities, or structures depending on if they are anomalous or not around the area. This weapon is stored in RI lab

If this application gets accepted, how can you see this RP benefiting your growth? (100 Words):

If this application gets accepted the Roleplay opportunities will grow the possibilities on what I can do with SEE in the case of weaponization and protection of myself or others. I can use this as something to do and possibly improve overtime such as improving the power, durability, or spread or range of the laser, and fix any potential problems that occur while using it like the weapon leaking SEE out of the casing, a plate breaking or misaligned, or the container itself breaking making it dangerous to use the weapon. This will give me things to do as in documenting, upgrading, and repairing Project-IRIS.

If this application gets accepted, how can you use this RP to benefit other players’ characters in the server? (100 Words):

If this application gets accepted it will give others a way to have Roleplay by building the weapon, fixing the weapon by repairing the hull of the project, repairing the plate or realigning them, sealing any SEE leaks from the weapon, etc. And also making improvements like more plates to increase power, a more concentrated beam for penetration or a larger barrel for a larger beam, making it smaller to have it more concealable or for easier use, etc. or they could change the way that it shoots, perhaps instead of a constant beam it shoots a more powerful bolt of energy or a burst fire of it.
Under Review!
This would interfere with the main story line, therefore it has been forwarded to the LCW.

Note: This weapon may only be used against storyline related anomalies, not against Foundation personnel.
MGMT reserves themself the right to reverse this decision at any point in time.
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