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Name: Water Enthusiast

Discord (Your Default Username): birchgod

Steam ID (Found Here): 76561198271997128

Current Faction & Branch: CI, RI

Rank Held (RP): Ambassador

Do you currently have a DCB? (If not please make one before submitting this application. Depending on whether or not your application gets accepted, you will need to add these traits to it.): Yes

RP Application Questionnaire

Please give an overview of what your RP application entails (200 words):

Project-LENS is a tool to detect SEE just like a SEE detector but instead of showing it in text someone can see it visually. IRIS is constructed with the frame of goggles, two LEDs as a way to directly see the energy or radiation, four 4K resolution phone cameras that is attached to the parts of a SEE scanner, the parts of a SEE scanner put into a smaller package enough to fit on the back of the goggles and on the front that are also connected to the cameras, The screen for a SEE extractor for more precise reading and visualization of the SEE around or Infront of the person , a Nine Volt battery pack that holds three Nine Volt batteries. This is used more intertwined with the SEE detector as a way to view invisible things that may have SEE in them that can be detected with Project-LENS, but this may come with the defect that the cameras may explode due to excessive use if too many fervors are in the area such as an area or an entity that has a Fervor count of 100 or over and can be repaired if the required materials are on hand and with the right tools.

If this application gets accepted, how can you see this RP benefiting your growth? (100 Words):

If this application gets accepted it will show that I can give new technology to others that will help in research in SEE or in other places of study. This will give me something to do like repairing or improving Project-LENS and would improve the ways that I also do research in SEE for potential future projects, documenting on entities or events regarding SEE, detecting entities that we can't see with normal NVG's or thermals, etc. This will give me something to work on passively and will give other opportunities in furthering new RP scenarios by seeing the energy that is in an entity.

If this application gets accepted, how can you use this RP to benefit other players’ characters in the server? (100 Words):

If this application gets accepted It will give other people, the ability to visualize the amount of energy that is inside an entity or object. It will give them something to create or improve such as improving the camera system to have a better resolution for the ability to see the energy in something better, improving the SEE scanner parts to improve the accuracy of the amount of SEE is in an entity or shrinking the size of the components to make the project more compact. Improving the extractor part to improve how high it can detect until it explodes.
Note: MGMT reserves itself to reverse this decision at any point of time.
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