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Name: Fracture

Discord (Your Default Username): someperson2

Steam ID (Found Here): STEAM_0:0:600991359

Current Faction & Branch: CI / F Med

Rank Held (RP): SI / MED PV2

Do you currently have a DCB?:

RP Application Questionnaire

Please give an overview of what your RP application entails (200 words):
Rules for ULTRON / ME during RP:
Rule 1: Adverts in CI Comms​

  • ULTRON must advert in CI comms under the following circumstances:​
    • Flags on/off: [CI] Flags Activated/Deactivated.​
    • Is hunting someone: [CI] Target Acquired, Hunting.​
    • On NLR/Revived: [CI] Ultron Unit V3 is Reactivating.​
    • Whenever he accepts/denies an order by his handler: [CI] Order Acknowledged // [CI] Order Failed.​
Rule 2: Handler Authorization

  • ULTRON must have his handler be either Bravo+ or the Highest Research Insurgent available at the time.​
Rule 3: Maintenance

  • ULTRON must undergo maintenance every 2nd Raid by either Bravo+ or Research Insurgents with permission from the Current Handler.​
Rule 4: Communication Protocol During Raids

  • During Raids, ULTRON is prohibited from using CI Comms for anything other than being on NLR.​
Rule 5: Self-Destruct Protocol

  • ULTRON is always connected to CI Servers; therefore, when captured by his handler or with the approval of 2 Bravo+, the current body of ULTRON may be self-destructed. [Both Bravo+ must roll above a 50 to secure their end of the server in an advert. Foundation may roll to counter it; however, they must succeed on both rolls.]​
Rule 5b: Information Gathering

  • ULTRON has the ability to be captured and used to gather information on CI; however, they must adhere to the Hacking Rules/Guidelines to do so.​
Rule 6: Classification and Documentation

  • ULTRON is considered a Regular SI K9 [Foxtrot], but files regarding ULTRON are set to Bravo.​
Rule 7: Communication via Embedded Speaker

  • ULTRON can be communicated with through a speaker implanted in the K9 unit. However, verbal communication from ULTRON is still prohibited. Handlers must use this speaker for issuing commands or receiving status updates from ULTRON​

As of now, Ultron is considered non-biological, existing entirely as a cybernetic entity. [See Attached Image]

Ultron's History:

Site 65:

  • Ultron was adopted and raised by Dr. Watson Ice, who served as his 'father' and former primary handler.​
  • While operating as a Chaos Insurgent K9 unit, Ultron sustained extensive damage from an explosion caused by E6.​
  • Ultron underwent a comprehensive reconstruction process, rebuilt from the ground up with custom cybernetic enhancements in a collaborative effort between Medical and Research departments.​
  • Over time, Ultron continuously refined and improved himself, autonomously writing new code and acquiring skills such as using radios and CI comms to broadcast his actions.​

Site [Unknown]:
  • Contained in Foundation Custody after Site 65 was [REDACTED], he was held there until he was broken out by GOC forces, he joined GOC for 1 year until running away after setting off some explosives in storage for a distraction for a means to escape.

  • After being reunited with Dr. Watson Ice he has been shipped over to Egypt by a anonymous sender.

If this application gets accepted, how can you see this RP benefiting your growth? (100 Words):

It would offer me the opportunity to go on and enrich the character I have been working on since my time at Site 65. Furthermore, it makes it possible to have a chance to add some fascinating and new stuff into the collective communities lore. Also, writing the story of this K9 from the lands of Alaska to the deserts of Egypt is a very powerful tool which allows us to create exciting rp stories in the discord and rp misc interactions and conversations. In addition, Ultron will play a pivotal role in storytelling within the foundation itself because it will add an element of something to do cuz sometimes you want a dog that goes beep boop once in a while, especially when it comes to hacking scenarios that involve information retrieval. And, the conversations that I had with players were always so fun thus far not even having him being cybernetic in canon.

If this application gets accepted, how can you use this RP to benefit other players’ characters in the server? (100 Words):

If the application gets approved, Ultron's presence in the RP can provide players with interesting storylines they can interact with, work together, and gain experience for their own characters. In this case, the strict follow of protocol and the presence of specific capabilities of the Ultron can develop joint missions, technical support and ethical debates regarding control and sentience which are the integral parts of a lot of stories. Interacting with Ultron could start when the characters unite and part ways from each other and have their own moments of development. As well, Ultron may help the storyline to progress, enrich the mystery, and to offer opportunities for new Rp scenarios that then can increase the creativity and involvement of the players which in return can contribute to them as well.
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Note: Ultron may not act as a wandering CI server, Ultron cannot be hacked to obtain data on CI servers, however it can be used as a drone like informant being able to save data about CI's doing, which then have to manually read by the person that hacked them. This hack can be discovered during the maintenance.
For the self-destruct protocol, after the usage of it Ultron has to be rebuild requiring heavy RP. This is to prevent over usage.
Lastly, MGMT reserves themself the right to reverse this decision, as well as edit these conditions as they seem fit.
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