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AI: Leon bell


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[File 1 information]
Leon Eve Bell
CI AI . Rank SFC

[File 2 Character Description]

Leon bell is a 19 year old operative, Boasting quite lengthy blonde hair with blue eyes. He was born in the country of Sweden but has no dialect. With no military background Leon bell learns as he goes, Quite a fast learner in his own standard he often acts overconfident resulting in issue. Leon's calm demeanor sometimes makes him standoffish although this type of personality is highly indicated in advanced thinking of the situation and assessment of the area. The loyalty he hold to the chaos insurgency strongly comes from a time where he was a D-Class of the foundation being saved by the insurgency, Because of this Leon spends his days saving others from the same fate the foundation has set.

[File 2,2 Impactful events]
On a mission to bring back SEE rocks Leon bell suffered poisoning from it resulting in the loss of an arm, at the time of the event no medical staff were there to save him in turn he had to quickly install a rugged arm of metal, although it saved his arm in theory it only works in an up and down motion. On a unspecified day SCP-457 burning man got up from the foundation triggering a melting of his arm which slowed down its capacity. Leon bell also followed a few strange cultists into a forest along with the insurgency and foundation which then eventually led to a mark appearing on his right eye, The mark would then later disappear turning into a new mark also known as -Mark of the lovers which protects him from curses, Leon bell also posses a mark known as -Mark of the sands which in favor gives him ██████, Leon bell has also stolen a slab of the pharaoh alongside Arthur gray a close old friend.

[File 3 Likes and dislikes]
Hates: Hash browns Arthur gray
Dislikes: Dogs
Neutral: Fish
Likes: Tomatos, Loves tomatos.
Loves: Gambling, trocadero,


[Character unique items]​
Slab of the pharaohMark of the loversMark of the sands

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