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Ban appeal, Gmod/Teamspeak.


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1. Name: NotAFurry.
2. SteamID: 76561199083251370
3. Discord ID: 727873054524571729
4. Ban Length: Permanent
5. Ban Reason: Erotic Roleplay in TeamSpeak.
6. Evidence:
7. Explain the situation:
My verbal communication towards my fellow members of E6 was in a joking matter where I was not trying to come off sexually nor sexually interact with my fellow members as that’s not how I am. I had said some inappropriate jokes that were sexual.
8. Why should you be unbanned?
As you’ve looked I have no history with this server in regard of breaking the rules or breaking the roleplay. I said some out of place jokes as my nature that I don’t have a switch that I can flick to be more mature. When I play games I like to be me and not have to be something to appeal to public demand. I do apologize and my actions were out of hand and ask for a second chance.
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