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Chunky's Forum Staff Application

[SM] ChunkyComet [SCP]

Staff Team
Server Staff
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Name: Chunky

DiscordID: 518306769815076865

Why do you want to be Forum Staff? (150 Words Minimum): I'd like to be part of the forum staff team as it is a very important part of the server infrastructure that pertains to the server itself and the roleplay therein. There is a somewhat constant influx of players applying to jobs/roles, reporting issues, asking general questions and inquiries, contesting punishment, etc. All of which needs to be kept up with and managed consistently and efficiently. The more people in this position, the more fluidly the system works and the less issues arise. Given my general activity schedule (being more active towards later hours), I can increase the activity and moderation of the forum as well in times that most staff are inactive or focusing on other issues. Having more people active at certain times will better prevent the issue of players seeking out staff directly to consult about their application or threads (though granted, this shouldn't happen in the first place).

Do you have any previous experience?: Yes (Different community)

Do you understand that positivity is key to being a member of the Forum Staff Team?: Yes

Age: 17