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CI Database: Dr. Major

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Research Insurgency
Dr. Major Major Major

“Ever had peanuts on ice cream? It's good.”

Alexander Grayson was born on December 27th 1995, he was once a brilliant chemical engineer with a knack for robotics and electronics. Graduating top of his class from a prestigious university in the United States, he quickly garnered attention in the scientific community for his innovative approaches and quick output of papers and data. However, his curiosity and disregard for ethical boundaries led him to start secret experiments on chimpanzees.

During his time at a government funded research facility, Alexander began conducting illegal experiments on death row inmates in secret. Driven by a combination of ambition and a desire for scientific advancement at any cost, he became increasingly detached from moral constraints. His experiments, which often involved the manipulation of higher brain function and biochemical responses were conducted without regard for the well being of his subjects just making sure he finished the testing.

Eventually, his illegal experiments came to light, and he was taken into custody along with his "Dumber than a brick" fellow researcher Dr. Ridgewald. He was stripped of his credentials and deemed a danger to society and was convicted of crimes against humanity, he was brought into the SCP D-class program on a plea deal, a fate he considered a mere inconvenience in his pursuit of knowledge and the advancement of human evolution.

Seeing his chance he was given the chance to escape during a raid on Site-85 by CI forces. Renaming himself Dr. Major Major Major, as a pseudonym to not be found again.

Despite his outwardly calm and friendly demeanor, there is a palpable aura of menace surrounding Dr. Major when something or someone gets in his way. His cold, calculating nature and unwavering commitment to the Insurgency's cause make him a formidable adversary to anyone who dares to stand in his way. And as he delves deeper into the realms of science and experimentation, the true extent of his capabilities and ambitions remains shrouded in mystery, casting a shadow of uncertainty over all who encounter him.

Dr. Major has no family ties after his conviction.

Likes: His test subjects they are "So quiet when they are dead or when I put them under." and Turtle sundaes.

Neutral: Anyone who gives him the funding to do what he wants. Dr. Ridgewald he was simply there to hold the light when he wasn't failing at that.

Dislikes: Anyone who stands against me and stops me from doing my work.

Hates: The government they don't see that humans need to be pushed to reach their final potential.

Has: Eel of Despair with a cowboy hat.​
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