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CI DATABASE : John Walters


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Character Info :

Full Name

John Walters

Physical Description :

A 5'8 bald male with a stubble fitted with two prosthetic legs and a necklace with multiple boxes hanging from it.

Picture(s) of John Walters :


Phycological Description :

"John Walters is a special case, he seems like an emotionless nut job on the outside. And that's because he is most of the time. He will rarely show any sign of affection to anybody, the last time he said he truly felt something is when he murdered a man with a rusty crowbar after he broke into his home and injured his cat. He also seems to be very loyal, he said quote ' You treat me right, and you will have one hell of soldier, boy.'. John said he doesn't like to talk about his past, but he did say he emotionless state did start after he saw his squad of 7 got blown away by a land mine while he was tying his boots. He has yet to respond to any therapy session or come in for another evaluation, so god only knows what antics he could be up to." - Doctor Scott Warren

Skills :

John Walters is a highly trained marksman and generally an expert when it comes to firearms, trained by his father who was a former Marine, he will know his way around any gun you put in front of him. But his favorite category of weapon has and always will be his sniper rifles.

Lore :

John Walters grew up on a ranch in Vermont, he would be trained to use firearms from a very young age by his father, Robert Walters, who was an ex-Marine. Robert would train little John until he was 18 years old, he would then join the Marines like his father did when he was young. He would later be discharged of having multiple psychotic breakdowns after watching his squad die of an anti-personnel landmine while he was tying his shoes. He would spend a couple of years at his childhood home until he would stumble upon NTF conducting a containment operation on a SCP that was located to near his home, after John was looking at these anomalies he would be imprisoned as a Class-D. After only a couple days inside the site, he would assist in multiple riots, and On the second riot he would escape to CI base and trained. After he was promoted to PVT, he would be trained as a Marksman because it would remind him of his days as a sniper in the marines. After a while in Chaos, he would perform multiple tortures, and during some of those tortures, he would take body parts of his victims and with the help of Dr. John, would create a necklace with said parts in small boxes attached to the necklace. He would be very fond of the tongue he received from his first torture that belonged to a Codsworth Miller. A couple days later during a raid on CI, Foundation would capture John and put in a cell, while in that cell, Site Director Benoit and at the time RA LT 'Lamp' would torture him over information of a experiment RI was conducting with SCP 4000. John would know nothing about this experiment and would be released after the foundation torturing him broke both his legs, punched him in the face, and shot him in the foot. He would brag about how he stole an RA's tongue and it would be hear by Lamp, he would then be thrown out of the foundation forced to crawl back to CI base, but before he could get far, Lamp would run up to him say something about " an eye for an eye" and cut Johns tongue out of his mouth. John would later be treated by medics and given new prosthetic legs and tongue. This moment would cause John to break mentally, becoming more agitated and prone to violence, but he would eventually recover mentally and make it his goal to rise the ranks in CI so he could make sure foundation will remember his name and hopefully put him on a kill list.

Personal Thoughts :

Hates :

SD Benoit, John wants his revenge for breaking his legs and attempting to make him believe that his fellow CI wouldn't save him, he cut off his head if he had the permission and the chance too.

Dislikes :

Tater Tots, Downfall won't stop giving them to him, and when John caved and finally decided to eat it, he got smacked by a helicopter and almost died.

Neutral :

some foundation members, although he will never show any mercy towards foundation members, he has never been given a reason to truly hate or dislike anyone that isn't Benoit.

Likes :

His crowbar, even though he was trained to use Firearms, doesn't mean he doesn't have a preferred melee weapon of choice. And people compare him to the joker when he is beating people within an inch of their life with it, and John finds that very amusing.
He also likes waffles. Its his favorite breakfast meal

Personal Items :

A necklace of various body parts, and a crowbar.
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