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CI Vice Commander Tyler "Seven:Three" Perez


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CI Operative Tyler Perez


Essential information:
Gender: Male

Date and place of birth: 3/04/1995 (Aged 28), born in Illinois

Ethnicity: German (Born in USA)

Physical description:
5’11”, short hair with buzzed sides, a small scar down his right arm, fit and more toned “athletic” body.

Psychological description:
I must say, Mister Perez is one of those “pure soldier” types. Although there are many complications with him, all in all, he gets the job done if it is given to him. Although he is at the very least talkative to many, he doesn’t try to get too close to form close relationships. He suffers from some vulnerability from his past, but with due time I hope he will be able to confront such problems.

- Doctor Lemner

Scar down his right arm.

Suffers slightly from his past time on deployment when he was a U.S. Army Ranger

Transitioning from a professional military to a militia may prove to be troublesome for Perez and it may take time for him to understand the differences in militia leadership.

Years of combat have conditioned Tyler Perez’s mind to be able to take more traumatic experiences than others. However, therapy will be needed if he is unable to vent some of these experiences.

During his time in the U.S. Army, Tyler Perez was a renowned marksman in his team but was also trained to be an explosive specialist or combat engineer.

Hailing from Chicago, Tyler Perez was born in a military family from World War 2, his grandfather had served in World War 2 as a paratrooper in the 11th Airborne Division. Tyler Perez’s father joined as infantry in the Marines during the Vietnam War.

Coming from a strong military background, it was only time until Perez joined the military, joining the U.S. Army as an 11B or infantryman. Perez exceeded expectations of his superiors, being renowned as a great shot with his battle buddies. Perez made his way to airborne school, graduating from the school and making his way to pass the RASP (Ranger Assessment and Selection Program) to be a 75th Ranger. As some Rangers say, you either leave “with a tab or on a slab” and Perez pressed through the training, graduating Ranger school and being a part of the 2nd Ranger Battalion a part of the 75th Ranger regiment.

Perez participated in numerous operations, some of which were hidden from the general public. Serving for a total of 8 years with two four-year contracts, Perez officially settled down back in Illinois with his wife he had started dating during his second contract.

Life was going well with Perez, he found a stable job in an insurance company and even had a daughter. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the Perez family, Perez’s wife had fallen ill with lung cancer, and soon after Perez’s wife’s death, his young daughter had contracted a cancer tumor as well.

Perez knew that his current insurance job wasn’t going to pay for his daughter's treatment, so he decided to go back to his familiar roots. Perez thought of going back to military duty, but he couldn’t stay apart from his daughter for that long even with family members assisting to watch over his daughter, it’s not like the military will pay off his daughter’s treatment in its entirety. So Perez looked forward to contract work, that’s when the Chaos Insurgency took notice of his situation. The Chaos Insurgency approached Perez with a simple deal: he uses his skills to help take down the foundation, and they help pay for his daughter’s treatment. For Perez, nothing was worth more than his daughter’s life, and so he agreed, picking up his rifle once more.

Photos of Tyler Perez:

Tyler Perez (Left) in the 75th Ranger Regiment

Personal Thoughts: (Only way to know is through his personal thoughts notebook)

SD Benoit: No wonder E6 hates site command, you smell and you have the worse temper ever. If we don't chew you up, your people will.

Foundation: I feel bad for you, sitting in that metal box and being forced to like the job you're in. It's not my problem if you suffocate in it.
Krumpet: Spire's name will be torn down because of you. I hope you're ready for when I and the others decide to finally pick up the pieces after the shitstorm you're going to make.
Hades: Who's this guy?
Gigabyte: Quit asking for my radio!
DDos: If you ever read this DDos, quit using that weird voice thing in your mask, you sound stupid.

Chaos Insurgency: You keep the bills up, and we’ll be just fine.
Alyx Famova: You really can't do more than 5 pushups..? Just what kind of soldiers are they sending us? (note: holy shit, he did the most out of everyone)
Ace Sol: You just don't know how much you mean in our plans
Captain Dragon: I can't wait to see how far you'll go. You'll be a special kind of soldier, I'll be keeping a spot for you as a Sniper Lead if you make it.
Thoth: Helluva soldier. A good comrade, but nothing more.| SPIRE RAHH
Commander Polas: A raise means more money for my daughter. But I can't help but feel that some strings are attached.
ASD Eve: Ha. Got on your nerves already? How far are you willing to take this ASD? I wonder what it'll take to get you to show yourself. | Welp there she goes
E6: Honestly. I just feel bad for you guys, your complaints to your enemy of all things show how bad the leadership is in there. | We should talk more often
Commander Psycho: For someone who is crazy... you actually make some good decisions. Just uh- don't bring Grace in here alright?
Larry Long: Bruh this guy.
Most angelic voice known to man. Surprised he hasn't gotten love letters yet.
Bishop: I trust y'all for Seth. Do me proud.
Hysteria: You're an amazing medic, can't wait to see you up here in Alpha Command
Jennifer Lowe: More defectors..? Foundation sure created a ruckus for you, everyone held up at the cafe? I hope you're worth the effort. I have yet to talk to you, but I also could care less.
Captain Frontier (Defected guy): Welcome to CI I guess, the caves are dirty and the pay makes it worth the shit they give us.
Crasher: You seem devoted enough, at least more than me to this cause. You make a good heavy.
Dr. Roggers: I will die on this hill, the greatest INF ever lived
Melon: You know, I preferred the last lead medic. Just kidding, despite your weird antics, its nice to have someone who's THAT interested in taking care of our men and women.


U.S. Rangers: My blood brothers in arms, some of you even visit to take care of Grace and I’m thankful for that. Keep leading the way boys, I have my loose ends here. Sua Sponte.
Neko Love: A little clingy don't you think..? Jeez... what did I get myself into? It could be worse I guess, and you aren't half bad. |
You remind me too much of her... sooner or later I might have to leave it all behind. | Leaving soon... good luck without me.

SR-25 (MK 11): A beauty to shoot with, a lovely caliber with amazing firepower.
Nico Adriano: Old friend, I didn't expect you to be here. But it seems you're on my ass as per usual. | SPIRE RAHH. | SQUAD LEAD RAHH

Grace (Perez’s daughter): I know you just lost your mother, and it hurts me to leave you as well. But keep fighting, one day we both can rest without the stress of life. | Just one step closer to getting your treatment done, almost there... we'll be out of the hardest times soon.

Personal Items:
A bracelet made by his daughter, and he keeps it on him as a lucky charm and as a reminder to keep fighting.


MKSM Lead (Technically complete)
"Let's see where this takes me."
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"An actual confident soldier. Speaks when only necessary. You will prove useful."
Forgot I was Colonel for a couple of days lol
// A lot of changes yet again. Been a ton of defections lately