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[Denied] Project: Roaring Eagle

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Dr. Ternith Plague

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Player Info

Name: Akura Ovaiss

Discord (Your Default Username): dr_ternith_plague

Steam ID (Found Here): STEAM_0:1:234721838

Current Faction & Branch: Foundation, Research Agency

Rank Held (RP): Junior Researcher

Do you currently have a DCB? (If not please make one before submitting this application. Depending whether or not your application gets accepted, you will need to add these traits to it.): Yes

RP Application Questionnaire

Please give an overview of what your RP application entails (200 words): This application aims to entail primarily passive RP usage and means to contain SCP-939 in an approved manner. Project: Roaring Eagle aims to use different frequencies and growls that SCP-939 uses when not mimicking someone to lure it away and toward certain locations. While the "dog whistle" isn't exactly a tool meant for combat, if appropriately edited and made in a certain manner, Project: Roaring Eagle can be used to make SCP-939 attack certain locations or expose certain people to SCP-939 for attack. The main aim of this project is to find a way to contain SCP-939 with minimal casualties properly. Outside this one purposeful test, the project will be restricted to CL5 usage, to prevent abuse of the dog whistle itself, and to prevent possible power gaming that could occur if it ends up in the wrong hands. From a chronological standpoint, the project first was approved by MTF Mu-4 due to the technical processes needed to operate and prepare the voice recognition and recording. Once the data was gathered, Zeus.aic (the AI used to process these lines) was left operating for a few days to establish proper patterns and parts of recognition. Following compilation, the housing and code itself were written, put together, and prepared. It now stands by and awaits proper field testing for possible edits to future code.

If this application gets accepted, how can you see this RP benefiting your growth? (100 Words): If this application is approved, it can solidify multiple things in roleplay for the story of my character. First things first, it'll solidify my character's position as a member of AIAD from Site-15, developing and repairing multiple software and hardware on-site. Second, it'll advance my character's knowledge of how certain SCPs, such as SCP-939, work, and if external technologies not embedded into them do properly work on them. Finally, it allows an expanded sense of RP for my character, as using the dog whistle itself would permit possible new tests to be conducted on SCP-939. An example is how SCP-939 would react between the dog whistle itself and another SCP-939 instance in the same room.

If this application gets accepted, how can you use this RP to benefit other players’ characters in the server? (100 Words): If this application is approved, the Dog Whistle will provide quite a few opportunities for active inter-faction and inter-personal roleplay. First, if captured by the Chaos Insurgency, they can edit and change up the actual whistle itself to provide weaponization opportunities. Second, it can allow passive tests with SCP-939, which can allow further non-hostile walks throughout the facility for SCP-939. Finally, it'll further advance possible scenarios where Class-D personnel go through the proper channels to learn about SCPs. Giving them the ability to harness the controls over SCP-939, while permitting proper RP as they aim to make their escape through the chaos of a controlled hostile 939.
This RP allows the foundation to control 939 and weaponize them which is not the direction we want to take this SCP in
Not open for further replies.