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[Denied] UltraToads RP App

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Player Info

Name: UltraToad

Discord (Your Default Username): ultratoad

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:203654055

Current Faction & Branch: CI, Assault Insurgents

Rank Held (RP): Corporal (5/14/24)

Do you currently have a DCB?: https://forums.atlasuprising.com/threads/c-personal-file-daniel-lesher.454/

RP Application Questionnaire

Please give an overview of what your RP application entails (200 words):
Daniel Lesher, A previous Joint Task Force 2 Operative turned Chaos Insurgent. Ever since he had joined JTF2 he has had a habit of being a perfectionist. He would memorize every weapon he had, everyone he saw, and every rule and procedure he has read in every SOP. And the Chaos’ SOP has burned brighter than others in his recent experiences within the cell. Article 02 within the SOP states that willingness to work with the enemy is one of the biggest crimes you can commit against the Cell. And he is willing to go to extremes to make this right. Particularly if the issue arises among the ranks above him. He knows and understands that he does not have the power to put what he thinks is right into place. So he must outsource his “Power”.

Although his plan was skeptical even in his own eyes. He read those words over and over again. “Bringing Humanity to its Peak”. That's simply what he would be doing with utilizing Thaumaturgy. His resources are limited, the only resource being a leather book within the RI Laboratory, which even itself is unwilling to give Daniel any information on the subjects he wishes to learn more about. Making learning Thaumaturgy difficult. But his persistence he believes will give him power that the Chaos Insurgency will soon learn to utilize and improve the cell as a whole. To bring what's right to their command.

The book is going to be a central part to this roleplay. This is where I bring in Pumpkin (Known as "The Cure") to help me with this situation. Whatever Thaumaturgy I learn will be entirely dependant on a roll system (Where the higher the roll, usually the more cooperative the sentience of The Book is). Although Thaumaturgy can be a truly powerful thing to learn, anything that would be extreme ("DND Wizard Spells") would be at a detriment to Daniel's health, and my own time. Possibly taking real-life weeks to learn. Smaller things (Or spells that take a large amount of resources/bring a ton of suspicion, like attaining someone's blood/dna, or making ritualistic circles) will most likely be seen more frequently in the early stages. Which would be easy to catch if he attempts to perform one of these acts. If he can even learn it in the first place. This is my OWN personal opinion on the balancing on how Thaumaturgy can take place. However I am happy to open my ears to another set of rules. Which I expect to be a lot more strict, and I can happily accept.

If this application gets accepted, how can you see this RP benefiting your growth? (100 Words):
My own growth isnt necessarily what im looking for. If by growth this question means improving my ranks or status. Playing a character is what roleplay is all about. Every character has their own backstory and their own personality. Ive always played a goodie two-shoes character, following every rule and every order. And this time im looking to do something risky with my characters. I understand that learning this can very well get my character demoted or PK’d. But I believe the fun of exploring a subject that I personally haven't delved in deeply and bringing a different personality to the table would be better than once again playing another character I promised id be different with, only to make it another self-insert. I wish for my growth to not be for my rank but as my status as a roleplayer entirely. Something to be remembered.

If this application gets accepted, how can you use this RP to benefit other players’ characters in the server? (100 Words):
There has been some roleplay on the server that I feel has been unexplored. Thaumaturgy is its own separate subject, but im more so using the learning of Thaumaturgy as a segway into other situations. How would CI High Command react to Daniel? Has he truly done anything wrong while learning Thaumaturgy? Or was he simply trying to make the cell a better place, even if his methods were unorthodox or even dangerous? Its a massive dilemma that I do not believe has been seen yet. And what Daniel plans to do with the Thaumaturgy I believe will bring up even more RP situations that can bring even more moral questions. I have plans to do with Daniel, however I wish to keep some of the situations private. If you wish to learn the extent of these situations I can happily go into further detail. Other than that though, FOIRP. (Those involved in the situations I will reach out to if this RP App goes through. I do not expect to change anyone's character without proper approval/consent from them.)
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