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...\Department\General_Security\Personnel\Level_3\Giocomo_Savona {WIP}


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***Clearance Level 5 required to access this file:***

Username: **************image_2024-05-02_012745357.png
Foundation ID: ********
Password: ***************

This DCB is Hackable.

***Notice: Your password will soon expire, please login to your Foundation Portal and follow the steps to change it. Your account, keycard, and all access levels will be frozen if you do not complete this within 5 days.***

Personnel File: 'Gio' Savona

Full Legal Name: Giocomo Micheal Savona

Date of Birth: 05/02/1995
Place of Birth: Medford, New Jersey

Nationality: Italian-American
Height: 6'3"
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde

Personnel History:

MTF Unit █-██ Incident Report ███-03232024-1A-43-E:

A MTF █-██ Squad was dispatched to Medford, New Jersey due to reports of possible Anomalous activities in a home, located at 325 █████ St.

Squad Lead █████ reports feelings of deep rooted anger towards his squad mates arose upon arrival at the AO, similar feelings were felt by the entire squad. Each member reports different reasons for the anger, but each reason was real, the anger they felt was amplified severely. Upon entry of the suburban home MTF Unit discovered the bodies of █████ Savona, as well as ████ Savona, ages 13 and 11. They also spotted a -2 variant of the object, formerly known as Maria Savona. Maria Savona display traits of extreme aggression, charging at the home owner, Giocomo Savona, with a knife. The -2 impaled itself onto a garden utensil as it hit the wall, and proceeded to break and rotate all of this limbs until it was facing backwards, then proceeded to chase Giocomo Savona once again. Squad Member ████████ terminated the -2.

Due to the nature of the event, Class-A Amnestics were not applicable for Giocomo Savona. Giocomo, and the object identified as a large wall clock, were secured and taken to Site-██ for assessment.

Giocomo was entered into the Foundation Database after 58 days of training.

Notable Achievements:
Obtained the rank of: Assistant Security Chief.
Was the first Assistance Security Chief of Site-85.
Was the second Captain of GSC for Site-85.
Was the first GenSec operative to be promoted to an NCO position in the new Site-85.


HOR DIGORNO'S: I swear to god if this fucking balding goblin tells me to look up at him one more time I will hoist him into the air by his fucking vocal cords.
ASD George Strand: The only thing worse than being untrue to those around you is being untrue to yourself.

Class D personnel: While they are one of the critical component of keeping a site running, they are dangerous and unpredictable, making it hard to truly ensure the safety of those around us.

Chaos Insurgency: It is truly unfortunate to placed against such astonishing men and women. While they may be the "enemy", I know it just comes down to the fact that we have differing ideologies, and those clash violently. Some truly amazing discoveries and inventions have come from the CI, nd I can't help but think what it would be like if we could work together towards a common goal. Too much blood has been shed however for this to ever become more than a dream.
RA: They have proven time and time again to not actually work towards the betterment of the Site, and focus solely on themselves.

Epsilon-6: Epsilon-6 has had a rough track record as of late, I would love to see them reach their full potential.
Epislon-11: Every time I hear "Hello Brother" I lose a little part inside of me, if it were not for the all of the outstanding qualities those men and women portray I would truly hate them.

Medical: They have already saved my life once, 1v1ing a 035 NTF host, then resisting 035 lure was not easy, and left me knocking on death's door. However thanks to the effort of the Medical department I am good as new! I am not sure how they did it, but I healed surprisingly quickly, I felt like new the following day.
GenSec: GenSec has been, and always be my home. Whether I somehow end up being transferred to another unit or site, this group of men and women have shaped me into the leader I am today, and I am eternally grateful.
NTF Captain Felix Winters: The NTF Captain is hard to read, he handles some situations so elegantly, doing everything in such a manner that nothing could even begin to go wrong, and then in the very same day, the dude burns down the research lab. He has qualities that are great as a leader, and then there is the moments that he just acts without thinking, and sets a terrible example of how to resolve an issue. I still smell that burnt flesh on my uniform...

Site Director Benoit: I takes either a dumb man or a confident man to look the human equivalent of god in the face and say "Just using what you gave me, don't blame me." Benoit also listened to me when it came to something bordering on treason and took it to heart, telling me that I'm not wrong for being misguided in my displaced trust in Him.
ASD Jones: When faced with an impossibly challenging and confusing situation, ASD Jones proved why she is in the position she is in, and that she is someone reliable and worthy of more respect than she actually receives.
GSC CPT 'Daimyo': CPT Daimyo has proven himself time and time again to be a leader of the people through actions and not words. He is a fair and approachable man, taking the time to listen to anyone who wishes to speak to him even if his plate is impossibly full.

Personal and Sentimental Items

General Security Heavy Specialist Lead Patch and Pins.
A Bluejay whiskey bottle.
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// Love the DCB so far, excited to see how you plan on expanding it in the future!
// Love the DCB so far, excited to see how you plan on expanding it in the future!
Just finished most of the formatting, going to fill in more of the personality as the character develops, and more character art as I make it lol
// Love this DCB, its super cool. Love to see where it goes <3