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//: Epsilon-6 'Village Idiots' 1st Lieutenant 'Tempest' :\\


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|| WARNING! ||
You are about to open a classified file of the SCP Foundation. Unauthorized viewing will result in harsh punishment from proper authorities.
You have been warned.

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"Strike hard and fast like a Tempest, for Ruthlessness is Mercy upon ourselves"

[ Personal Information ]

Full Name: Jacob Rene Tenz
Codename: 'Tempest'

POB: Quebec City, Canada
DOB: 01/22/98

Gender: Genderfluid

Amelia Tenz - Mother - [ALIVE]
Aoi Tenz - Father - [ALIVE]
Charlotte Tenz - Sister - [ALIVE]
Mako Tenz - Brother - [ALIVE]

[ Medical Information ]

Height: 6'3
Weight: 210 lbs
Blood Type: AB+

Physical Attributes
  • Gold Eyes
  • Burn scars covering from upper torso down to ankles
  • Brown Hair, typically kept up in a messy bun while on duty

Mental Attributes
  • Fidgeting and Hyperfixiation is commonly seen when present with tense situations
  • Difficulty making decisions when under high stress
  • Difficultly sleeping

Medical Amenities
  • Reading Glasses
  • Cybernetic Left Arm

[ Foundation Assignment ]

Foundation ID Number: 81920385
Branch: MTF Unit Epsilon-6 'Village Idiots'
Location: Site-85 | Egypt

Past Foundation Jobs: Site Services for Site-29
Current Foundation Job: Epsilon-6 1st Lieutenant

Past Outside Jobs: Marine Engineer [Royal Canadian Navy], Bartender, Florist

History Report: Jacob was born in Quebec City, 1998. He was born along with his twin sister Charlotte to a florist mother and a police detective father. He grew up in a semi-normal childhood, with his younger brother Mako being born a few years later. Jacob would grow up to eventually leave home at 18 to join the Royal Canadian Navy. Jacob would be severely injured in an accident while working as a marine engineer on a ship, which left him with bad burns that got him medically discharged. Going on a bit of a soul searching journey, he found himself working as a bartender in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. Jacob spoke Japanese, his father having dual-citizenship between Canada and Japan, so it seemed like a natural fit with him working in that bar for several years. He would soon leave this job, opening a floristry business in the small town with experience he had working in his own mother's shop as a teenager. Eventually tragedy would strike as a nearby containment site posing as a long-forgotten mansion high in the mountains would have a containment breach, releasing a 939 into the area. Jacob was at his job while this event occurred, as the 939 started tearing the town apart. Jacob had always been a gifted man however, which allowed him to guide the inhabitants of the shop to safety via observing the creature and realizing its ability to hunt was based on sound. Using some clever tricks and quiet movement, he was able to survive along with all patrons. After being interviewed as to what happened by Foundation staff, he was noticed to have prior experience as a military personnel and a quick mind for thinking of solutions. He was offered a position to work as a combative personnel, but declined stating he didn't wish to do military work again. He instead asked to place in a more passive role, and was quickly placed as a Site Services worker at Site-29, the containment site where the 939 escaped. Jacob's main roles there were managing the below ground common area's plants and working the kitchens as a chef. He happily enjoyed his life there, making friends with many of the staff there and sort of acting as an older brother who they could rely on for advice and a shoulder to lean on. He was nicknamed "Clover" by many of the staff due to his job with the plants and generally happy-go-lucky demeanor. The spark that caused Jacob to request reassignment to a combative role was a major D-Class riot resulting in several GENSEC personnel dead or injured, one of which happened to be one of Jacob's best friends on that site. Jacob upon hearing of his death reacted in a way unseen by most, flying out in a rage over his death and lashing out at D-Class workers in the common areas completely unrelated to the riot. His reassignment request was quickly granted, but with the caveat he must go to a different site due to his reaction toward the D-class of Site-29. After going through basic combative personnel training at Training Facility-5 in the Northwest Territories of Canada, he was recruited into MTF Epsilon-6 ('Village Idiots') as a SGT where he know is being assigned to Site-85.

[ Personal Opinions/Thoughts ]

- Personal Failure
- Treason or more generally Betraying an Oath
- The Chaos Insurgency

- Hot Climates
- SCP's
- Alcohol

- Anomalies

- Gardening and Flowers
- Sweet Foods
- Cold Climates
- Theatre

- The Ocean
- Storms
- The Foundation
- Music

[ Personal Inventory ]

- Lucky Four Leaf Clover -
- Leather Journal given by his Sister and Brother | Inscribed on it: CT/JT/MT -
- Special leather bracelet from his Mother -
- Wristwatch from his Father -
- A small handmade necklace with a black and purple guitar pick attached to it

[ Personal Frequencies ]
Killian Schafer [E6]
'Hades' - [Mu-4]

'Downfall' - [E6]

[ Addendums ]

3/13/24 - Recruited into Epsilon-6 by Captain 'Rainbow'
4/13/24 - Promoted to 2LT
4/26/24 - Promoted to 1LT
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// If you and my character ever become friends, my character is going to call you Goldie.
Gotta steal this file before it becomes any higher clearance
// You're amazing to talk to Lunar in and out of character, I hope to interact with you more in-game and see your DCB expand!