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F:\\Foundation_Files\Inter-Site_Programs\AIAD\inservice\Akura_Ovaiss [Hackable]

Dr. Ternith Plague

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This terminal is a restricted access terminal. Information on certain personnel on dossiers may be unavailable. If this is a mistake, please get in touch with your nearest I.T. Administrator.

Your I.T. Administrator is: [

access F:\\Foundation_Files\Inter-Site_Programs\AIAD\inservice\Akura_Ovaiss

Due to file sensitivity, this file may be restricted in length. For further in-depth files, please access the file via a secure, unrestricted access terminal.


Akura "Decrypt" Ovaiss

Current Assignment:
General Security Forces/On-Site AIC Expert, Site-85

Assignment Position:
Research Junior

Former Assignments:
Project: "Uranium Fever", Site-15
Kappa-10 "Skynet"
Research Expert, Site-15; Assigned to: SCP-079

Known Information:
Akura Ovaiss first came into contact with SCP-079, originally under the command of a Foundation front company known as Sector Charlie Products, a primarily computer-based products company. When Ovaiss was asked what he thought of SCP-079 as a concept, he simply named it "the most bizarre form of artificial intelligence humanity has made yet". After the interaction, Akura Ovaiss was recruited into the Foundation directly after a three-month background check, and placed directly under the wing of the Artificial Intelligence Applications Division, directed to creating Artificially Intelligent Conscripts for security, research, and GoI monitoring. After an incident resulting in the deaths of multiple personnel and the loss of one Gen-III AIC, Akura Ovaiss was reassigned and redesignated to solely SCP-079 research, resulting in his first solo AIC project designed for SCP-079 containment protocols (and acting as a personal assistant). However, Ovaiss was quickly reassigned following a regional mandate to Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 (designation "Skynet") to relocate and contain SCP-2522 ("hatbot.aic"), and officially assigned as part of Kappa-10 Juliet Team. He would stick with Juliet Team for the next few years, until reassigned once again to Project: Uranium Fever for purposes likely unrelated to Kappa-10's original objective of Anomalous AI (AAI) designation and containment.

Following the conclusion of Project: Uranium Fever, Ovaiss was reassigned to Site-85 on a more permanent basis, acting as a member of the General Security Forces and acting as an on-site respondant for any Artificial Intelligence-related issues, such as containment issues regarding AAIs, and any bugs and glitches appearing for AICs on-site.

Known Opinions

Groups of Interest
SCP Foundation | ALLIED | "They taught me what I know. I wouldn't be here without the Foundation."
Global Occult Coalition | Friendly | "I've got a few choice words. But they've been helpful before."
Chaos Insurgency | IRREPARABLE | "NOT ONLY. Have they ruined multiple Kappa-10 operations. But they actively ASSIST the Maxwellists in their deeds."
The Church of Maxwellism | IRREPARABLE | "You've caused enough damage. It's because of you we lost so many people, and I'm not going to let you take anymore.

Site-85 Personnel
No personnel have yet to be interviewed by authorized personnel.
// Ask to be added.

Objects of Interest
Direct Access Device; Used by AIAD Personnel for brute-force entry into certain systems, I.T. Administrator override to repair or access certain systems, or to monitor on-site Artificially Intelligent Conscripts. Contains direct communications with multiple AIAD Field Agents and personnel.

- Inter-Comms between "Water" (CI) and "Decrypt" (Self)
- Tex
- Marko

Further access is prohibited. Please access via a secure-access, unrestricted terminal for more information.
// The extended copy is linked above. Feel free to take a read if you're hacking/accessing it!
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// Love the look of it and it’s a really cool back story
// Added the extended version of my background/biography. It looks better too, but the above is still available for those who want to read w/o the GD.
// This DCB is awesome! The format is well done, the story is well explained, I can't wait to see more updates!