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D-Class Personnel Info.

Name: Marko Alexander Jameson

Age: 34

Past Occupation : Gun Runner/Smuggler

Crime Committed: Multiple Counts Of Murder.


Marko James's Past is quite well documented in our files here. He was a gunrunner ahead of his time. he had connections in a few armies of certain groups. during the 2000's With War's on the rise and intense conflicts he sold far and wide weapons. though he never sold any missiles and such. he had a intense distain for something weapons that in his own words "big wigs could fire from a bunker" and preferred a more "personal" war. He had continued such for many years before ending up in foundations hand's There's even mentions of him giving arms to some GOI's... though if he is aware of such a fact is unknown.

Cause Of Arrest.

After a deal gone south and a few months on the run with a trail of bodies Marko was captured By the local police and sentenced in the US for his crimes. shouting about how a "man covered in tattoo's" Disrupted a trade. slaughtered his suppliers and took a arm from him. Reports do show a timeline of a 076 Breach and such a bloodbath happening within site ----- At the time Before a transfer to Site 86 Was made. IF Marko's quick "invite" to the site was because of the "man covered in tattoo's" Attack or not is unknown and above my clearance level.

Object Preference's

Clean Surroundings


Melee Weapons
Dirty Dishes.
Disgraced {abandoned/Uncared For] Items


Anything overly Dirty/disgusting

People who Don't close doors behind them
People who use the excuse of "its not my job"

Known People [Going to be somewhat empty at the moment]


Bilbo - Good Customer. Pays well.

Zeta - Doesn't speak much. but knows what he wants. can respect it.
Birdie - Honestly. they are just weird. but its a funny time.
Ovaiss - Hasnt Made me do a weird Stupid test. treats me like a person and not a subject.

Neutral Parties.

Phantom/Daymoss [Deimos] - They got a job to do. and its funny to annoy them


Able - [Added Note by Third party] Even with his memories wiped Marko seems to Have a Hatred for 076. Though is aware fighting him is pointless.
When Marko Got his memories back he has told site personal about a run in he had with able in a old deal in a abandoned village near Site-[Redacted] Leading to the Loss of his arm.

Additional Information

Marko has regained his memories after discussion from site command. He has continued Selling Arms to who ever has the money to afford them. though he has started doing "Deals" such as a "gun for gun Trade" if he thinks the weapon the Foundation member has will sell well... it seems that With his memories back. Marko has managed to get some of his "skills" returned to him. Along with quite a Few stories to tell.

Marko Has also On a few occasions mentioned the "lack Luster" sales he as towards The Other "specialties" in each branch. and has mentioned maybe calling in "his old Acquaintances" in passing to sort out the sale issues. though he has yet to actually attempt to.
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// Awesome DCB, it's certainly unique as I don't think I've seen a D-Class DCB yet!
// Updated with additonal Infomation since my RP app got accepted. TIme to make the 2nd RP app.