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F:\\Foundation_Files\\Personel\\General_Security_Department\\General_Security_Captain\\Art 'Diabolical' Sigma\\ [Hackable L4 Clearance]

Art Sigma

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"Grant me this serenity. To accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

Level 4-V Clearance required. Unauthorized entry to encrypted documents will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the General Security Departments authority.

Personnel Information - General Security Captain Art 'Diabolical' Sigma
Name: Art Sigma
Codename: 'Diabolical'
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 11-20-1993, 0212 Hours.
Place of Birth: Louisville, Kentucky, United States.
Department: General Security (GENSEC)
Rank: General Security (GENSEC) Captain
Status: Deployed, Site 68; Injured.

Medical Information and physical description:

Name: Art Sigma⠀⠀
Codename: 'Diabolical'
Date of Birth: 11-20-1993, 0212 Hours.
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 400 lbs; Note: Individual's weight shifts due to eating habits.
Blood Type: O-
Eye Color: Blue
Scars/Identifiable Features: None.

Life before induction into General Security:

Art doesn't remember much from his childhood and chooses not to relive it. “Shit happened in the past, why worry about it now. I have mother fuckers in orange jump suits trying to bomb me now, I’m not concerned with things like that.” His response when being asked about his childhood, although, it is to be assumed that Art is not fond of his childhood. Art is not forthcoming in the sense of divulging information in regards to his childhood and he has yet to have a full conversation with any individual regarding this topic yet.

Later in life following the disaster in 2001, Art joined the United States Air Force Special Warfare program. Once completing the pipeline Art was inducted into the Tactical Air Control Party. A group of Special Warfare individuals who function as Joint Terminal Attack Controllers and are responsible for directing close air support and joint fire attacks from fighter aircraft, bombers, helicopters, and other aircraft from a forward location in combat. Art served as a TACP for 13 years, gaining a severe amount of combative experience, leading him to be an experienced individual.

Operation Log: ████
Art Sigma's final operation within the United States AFSOC was aptly named Operation: ████. The Task Force’s goal was the retrieval, reconnaissance, or subsequent termination of an unknown entity located in northern Afghanistan. The details of this operation are classified and following the operation, Art was amnesticized. It is worth noting that his valor in this operation led to his introduction to the SCP Foundation.

Induction into the General Security Department:

Following induction to the General Security Department, because of his rigorous training and combative experience, Art was pulled for the Heavy Program. This program was introduced with the sole purpose of spearheading offenses and shielding defenses. “First In, last out.” Art says when questioned about his experience as a Heavy. His training resulted in him losing much of the endurance he had built up during his time in the Special Warfare program, but what he lost in endurance he made up for with strength. Art stands at 6’8” and weighs in at ~400 lbs although, art’s weight fluctuates due to his terrible eating habits. Following the completion of his training of the Heavy program his strength statistics were modestly above average. The physical fitness test at the end of the program his benchmark scores for the three main compound movements included:

  • Bench: 405 lbs

  • Squat: 545 lbs

  • Deadlift: 685 lbs

After several years in the General Security department, Art eventually achieves Executive Officer and next in line for the General Security head, the rank of Captain. His experience in leadership and anomalous operations proves instrumental when dealing with situations that require a decisive leader.

Operations within the General Security Department:

Art has preformed many operations within the General Security Department. This has also come with many, many lessons. He has learned not to trust D-Class and has a special distrust for them. He has learned that not everyone he will fight with is truly his friend. He has also learned that being leadership is stressful.

The '█████████████'. A classified group within the General Security Department was organized per request of GENSEC CPT Gerald 'Deimos' Morris, now executed, overseen, and ordered by Site Command, General Security Captain (0-1), General Security Executive Officer (0-2), and the General Security Sergeant Major (0-3). For operational security (OPSEC) the groups individuals and directive have been classified. The '████████' consists of six members, not including the groups command, operations, and leadership. GENSEC SGT █ (2-1), GENSEC SGT █ (2-4), GENSEC SGT █ (1-1), GENSEC SSG █ (1-2), GENSEC █ (2-2), and GENSEC '█ (2-3)'

Access: Classified documentation -

The directive of the '████████' is quite simple. It is the capture, torture and execution of General Security Defectors, as well as the persecution of defectors in other branches. In the name of clarity, the '████████' will not and do not persecute traitors and defectors of other groups, branches, or GOI without the express permission of Site Command or that groups leadership. A secondary directive of the group is that of Epsilon-6 assistance. The '████████' assists Epsilon-6 in any tactical measures required, securing surface dominance, and bringing justice to those who have wronged the Foundation.

These individuals and their directives are closely guarded secrets. Each individual poses the utmost loyalty to the Foundation. Upon capture, their patches will be ripped off and burned. This ensures that their failure will be remembered. Upon capture, the individuals loyalty to the group is terminated and the individual is amnesticized.

Accounts of The Chaos Insurgency:

Art’s run-ins with the Chaos Insurgency started soon after his first stationing at Site-86. Raids were frequent and claimed the lives of his closest friends. One of Art’s only civil interactions with the Chaos Insurgency, was that of his only conversation with Jennifer Löwe after her defection. GENSEC CPT ‘Deimos’, GENSEC XO ‘Diabolical’ and AI 1LT ‘Canary’ met at the bar in Cairo, Egypt, at 1743 hours. They discussed Insurgency and Foundations relations, paired with the nature of AI 1LT ‘Canary’ ‘s defection. Art, much to the Captains dismay, did not help to ease tensions. Only raise them. The event ended in a peaceful resolution, but Art remains ignorant for the time being.

Personality Description:

  • Loyal
    • His loyalties lie with his people. His subordinates and his friends.
  • Ignorant
    • Incident Report 011301 - Reguarding the defections:
      • Incident Report 011301 - Regarding the defections:
        • GENSEC CPT Art ‘Diabolical’ Sigma remains to be a quite ignorant individual. Although his loyalties lie with the Foundation, the mistakes of his previous Site command caused the defection of several members of the Foundation. Art has yet to see this. In his ignorance, he believes that the Insurgency took his friends, the defectors.
    • Although Art is quite intelligent, his ignorance makes him easily manipulated. His apparent lack of awareness in regards to unlawful orders and situations of that nature makes him an ideal head-hunter.
    • He is becoming more aware.
  • Enduring
    • Art has no choice but to be enduring, for various reasons.
  • Intelligent
    • Art has an analytical intelligence. He is more of a problem solver than an innovator and is great with Science and Math.​
  • Inquisitive
    • Art, although not knowing much in regards to classified information, is curious. It appears the Captain is interested in reading reports about past operations, GENSEC Captains and their experiences, reports on hostile movements and objectives, among many other classified documentation.

    • Art’s hate gets in the way of operations. Not to say he is hot-headed, but his spite for certain people and objects makes him incapable of negotiations and reasoning with hostile factions.

Personal Opinions on individuals and objects within his life:


Chaos Insurgency

Reality benders

"You should have stayed dead behind the Waffle House. Piece of shit."

“You’re going to die one day. And it’s going to be painful. I have the feeling I won’t have the satisfaction of watching that, but I know it will happen. You smug mother fucker.”


“Untrustworthy. No idea what that guy had going on in his head, but I for sure didn’t trust it.”

“Special Warfare prepares you for a life of running. I don’t want a life of running. I want to eat some more food and shoot at bad guys. Drink too, I want that specifically.”


“I always get really depressed.”

Arthur Gray

“When will you come back?”

Jenifer Löwe

“After reading the reports, I've come to more of an understanding. You should regret what you did, for leaving us, but you weren't wrong. I don't think I can ever forgive you but I can understand why you did what you did.”


Mom & Dad
“Stop asking.”

“Stop arguing with me and get me my upgrades, I’M GIVING YOU MY MONEY!”

Annoying people
“I mean, people who are just annoying enough to piss you off, but not annoying enough to issue a termination order. It’s the worst thing.”


“They were my brothers at one point. Now they’re kinda like my kids. I watch them, teach them, and help them. Even my NCO’s.”

Jakub ‘Manifest’ Kolar
“Man is on leave. I know you're out there, kicking it back on a resort. You're an asshole for that, I want to kick back my feet at a resort!”

“Good guys. Two great friends from there. And Phoenix, that guy is a nutcase.”

Chern ‘Phantom’ Naga
“What can I say, man has a habit of pissing people off. He’s good at what he does though and for whatever reason, it seems that he likes D-Class.”

Hal Perse
“Good guy.”

Orson ‘Bible’ Smith
“Needs work on his leadership skills. Tries hard though, I really see the initiative.”


HK416 (Soul)
“God damn I love my rifle. It kills faster than any other piece of equipment I’ve ever handled. It don't kill like bombs do, but it turns traitors to swiss-cheese.”

Bacon Lettuce and Tomato
“God damn do I love me a good BLT *burp*”

Mk.VI up-armored class 8 Exo-skeleton
“It’s not power armor but it comes damn close. The index I was reading gave the armor a armor score of 436. The armor I normally wear only has an index score of 160. It’s nuts man, you can do just about anything with that amount of armor.”

Manifest’s 190 proof everclear
“I- oshit.. Iown even know mayn.. Is goood”

Berry gummy worms
"Thank fuck for these things. They get me out of work, they let me make other people happy, I love these things!"

“God damn none of this makes sense.”

Van Gogh
“Diligent and disciplined, just the way I like it.”


Gerald ‘Deimos’ Morris
“Threw me under the bus when I first got Executive Officer and he’s an asshole for that but god damn do we make a team. Man has done everything but box Site command to get GENSEC where it’s at.”
"Couldn't have picked anyone better for ASC. Well deserved brother."

Andrew ‘Silverhand’ Kurtz (George Baker)
“A good friend. He puts more trust in me than he should. No idea why, but he is a far smarter man than me. He sees other sides to situations I would never think of. Only bad thing I can really say is that he sympathizes with CI. Those fucking bastards.”

Elijah ‘Steadfast’ Jones

“Pain in my ass, that’s what he is! But seriously, this guy has been through it all with me. Thick and thin. I’ve beaten him half to death more times than I can count, even though that ain’t very high.”
"Where the fuck did you go?"

Favorite quotes:

"Grant me this serenity, to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
- Five Finger death punch

"Cogito. Ergo. Sum. I think therefore I am!"
-AM, I have no mouth and I must scream.


Personal Communications:


Aurthur Gray

Jennifer 'Canary' Löwe




Hal 'Hroizon' Perse

Orson ‘Bible’ Smith

Chern ‘Phantom’ Naga

Jakub ‘Manifest’ Kolar

Gerald ‘Deimos’ Morris

Andrew ‘Silverhand’ Kurtz

Elijah ‘Steadfast’ Jones

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