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F:\\Foundation_Files\\Personnel\\General_Security\\Non_Commisioned_Officers\\Lenny_Smith[HACKABLE L3]


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"We die in the dark, so you can live in the light"
Level 3 Clearance required. Unauthorized access of the file will result in termination of foundation contracts with unauthorized personnel and a healthy dose of Class-C amnestic."

Character Information

Full Name: Lenny Smith

Department: General Security

Rank: Staff Sergeant

Character Description
Lenny Smith is a hard working member of GENSEC. He is undeniably loyal to the foundation. He tries to maintain a kind and helpful attitude towards everyone, including D-class personnel. and is pretty hard to piss of. According to him, he'd probably die for his fellow foundation members. He sees the world in black and white, with foundation being the good guys and CI being the objectively bad guys in his eyes. The only people he really hates are the CI and anyone else who threatens the security of the foundation.

Impactful Events
2024/05/14: Lenny saw multiple people he grew to trust betray the foundation and defect to the Chaos Insurgency. This caused Lenny to grow a hatred towards those who defected, and a even bigger hatred towards the Chaos Insurgency.
2024/06/09: Lenny was technically using up one of his vacation days during the day the CI refused to sacrifice one of their own. However, upon seeing the camera footage, Lenny was disgusted with the actions of the Chaos Insurgency, causing his hate of them to rise to comically large levels.

//OOC Note: For some reason I can think of any more impactful events. Sorry about that

Characters Opinions

The Chaos Insurgency: "Those bastards will get what's coming to them"
Alcohol: "It tastes bad and it makes me feel weird. Why in the world would I like it??"

Unnecessary Violence: "I will not shoot if it is not required, and I expect the same of everyone else."

D-Class: "They have the opportunity to be good or bad people. I won't judge them because of a past they don't even remember."

SCP Foundation: "Well why wouldn't I like them? I literally work for them!"
GENSEC: "They're like, a second family to me. Except for Candice. You know what you did."
Water: "I love the feeling of gulping down a cup of water."

Characters Personal Items
Photo of family: "I wonder where they think I am. I wish I could see them again."
A laptop: "Hey, you can't expect me to live here and not have SOMETHING to interact with while off duty."



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