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F:\\Foundation_Files\\Personnel\\GSC_DPT\\First Lieutenant\\"Phantom" [Hackable]


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WARNING!!! WARNING!!! This document is restricted to Level 4 Personnel+. Unauthorized use or distribution of this document will have you demoted to D Class and stripped of all of your rights

Character Information:

Code Name (If Applicable): "Phantom"

Full Name: Chern Naga

Department: Gensec Department

Rank: Chief Warden

Character Description:

Height: 6"3

Weight: 225 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Handiness: Right-handed

Blood Type: A+

Skin color: White

Distinguishing Marks: Birthmark on my neck, Scar on my left arm from a shank in D Block

Born: California, United States

Date of Birth: 11/23/1995

Age: 28

Character Backstory:

Born in a rural area in California, Chern was raised on a farm with a variety of crops and cattle grazing the land. He did all the medial work such as feeding cattle, cleaning, harvesting crops, etc. By the time he was in his teens, he was given more responsibilities such as ensuring the cattle didn't escape, butchering the meat for supper, and taking the life of the animals. At first, he developed hesitant in mercilessly killing a defensive animal, but after a couple of years, it was like second nature keeping animals locked up and killing in cold blood. At the age of 18, he immediately joined the U.S. military in hopes of escaping the rural lifestyle and seeing if his farmer's skills could be put to use. He joined the Military Police, ensuring that no military personnel broke the rules and regulations, and if they did, they would be locked up and incarcerated. One day, while at his post, he got a personal radio communication from his boss and ordered Chern to his office. As ordered, Chern Naga entered his CO's office, and the 2LT proposed a new position for him to receive. "You are exactly the individual we need for the SCP Foundation" the 2LT stated. Intrigued, Chern would accept the offer and join the ranks of MTF Epsilon 6 otherwise known as "Village Idiots". Chern Naga was assigned to Site 85 to ensure no intruders breached the site. However, after a couple of weeks of employment within the Mobile Task Force, he got extremely bored. Chern Naga felt like his strong points weren't being utilized so he requested a transfer to the General Security Department. After he arrived at Site 86 and his new post, he instantly synergized with his new responsibilities and duties and instantly gained notoriety within Gensec. He joined the Warden sub-department and quickly rose the ranks within Gensec and the sub-branch as well. Taking inspiration from the skills learned as a cattleman, Chern will always ensure D Class Personnel are contained and will kill them if they disobey.

Character Impactful Events:
4/29/24: Joined the General Security Branch

4/30/24: Joined the Warden Sub-branch

5/07/24: Raided a Sacrificial Cult GOI's base and stop their plan of summoning an XK-Class Anomoly.

5/08/24: Went to an abandoned town for cultists and stopped effigies and an anomaly for breaching containment to wreak havoc upon humanity.

5/16/24: Project Doppelganger: (Classified)

Character Opinions:


Pineapple on Pizza: It is a crime to like Pineapple on Pizza and anyone who likes the topping has negative social points.
Chaos Insurgency: Their arrogance and greediness will be the death of the Insurgency.

D Class: They are prisoners and shall be treated as such. (Few exceptions)

Mobile Task Forces: Sometimes they are good, but sometimes the problems
Site Command: Always follow orders from Site Command, doesn't matter if I like the orders or not

Wardens: My branch; Wardens on TOP
Gensec: Best Department on Site

Thoughts on People:


Captain "Frontier": Traitors should die
First Lieutenant Arthur Gray: Traitors should die
GSC Staff Sergeant Jennifer Lowe: Traitors should die

NTF SFC Birdie: Had to deal with an AOS on her and it was very annoying (OOC no hate)
NTF MSG Bilbo Baggins: Mostly bad interactions with them. (OOC no hate)



MED 2LT Magnet: Always says Hi to me
D Class Drea Boe: Goated
D Class Frank Fridgeson: Goated
GSC CPT Deimos: Good CPT of Gensec

Character Unique Items:
Mark of the Sacrifice
Mark of the Lovers

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// Awesome DCB, Naga. I hope to see you progress even farther!