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"Secure. Contain. Protect."

Timbo Lee's Personnel File

"Obey and Survive"


Code Name: Gigabyte
Name: Timbo Lee
D.O.B: 10/5/ | , California

Timothy Lee (Younger Brother) - Alive
Lee (Middle Brother)- Alive

Department: Mu-4
Rank: Engineer

Character Description: Timbo Lee, previously in the Site-86 Medical Department before transferring to Mu-4. Before joining the Foundation he worked at the Red Cross where he gained his medical skills. Always seen with bags under his eyes, with a balaclava fearing judgement from his looks. He would take command if needed and always worrying over others. In a situation he's heavily involved he would feel like it's his fault that the outcome couldn't be better and would blame himself.

Certifications: Tech/Medical
Skills: Picklocking, Demolition, Cooking/Baking, Forgery


Physical Appearance:
Weight: 189 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Injuries/Scars: N/A
Notes: Bags underneath his eyes

< Pets >
Sea Otter
Gender: Female
Name: Whip Cream

< Trophies/Personal Items >
4x .50 caliber rifles
2x 10 pound bombs

< Personal Thoughts & Opinions >

< Thoughts can be subjected to change and can only be found IC >

< Loves/Admires >

Cheesecake - "What can you go wrong with a nice slice of cheesecake. I have a family recipe and it's immaculate."

ASD Flash-Drive - "I admire this man and I'll make sure he's alive. One of the greatest site-staff I know personally and would do anything to make sure he's alive. One of the people I'd follow to the ends of the earth. He finally made it to becoming an ASD, now what mischievous ideas will you have?"

Hades - "My CPT and someone who I got his back and he got mine. I'd follow his Command and would trust his judgement. I would go against High Command for him."

Medical Department - "Feels like home away from home. I can always rely on the other's in this department as they can rely on me."

Grocery Membership Card - "I got this membership card a while ago for the grocery store on Surface. Very useful and saves me a lot of money whenever I go grocery shopping."

< Likes >

Foundation - "People I trust and would assist me, like how I would assist them in anything."
SD Akatosh - "He gets the job done while showing a side of silliness and serious whenever necessary. What did you do? What type of ASD would cause their own staff to defect?"

ASD Olivia Jones - "I see her a few times and one of the ASD's that got me worrying. However, she does her job efficiently and easy to talk to."

Medical Director "Phoenix" - "He always assist me in anything I can't resolve on my own. He also owns a cool ass binturong that I get along with whenever he's near. Also chill like that. Also sure he benches ATMs for fun. Congratulations on Medical Director, that means more responsibilities for you!"

Consultant "Medkit" - "
Always strict with Medical but also cares about us. Pretty sure it's tough love and I'll take it. I hope she's handling her cybernetics well."

Sam Eckhart - "Known him since I joined the Medical Department and can always rely on him. I consider him one of my brothers in arms in this site."

Elijah Jones: - "One of the NCO's I have the pleasure to work with him sometimes not getting the joke but tolerable towards it. Funny when he does get the joke and laughs with us. I knew you would make it being an officer, even if you can't see me in person because of restrictions I know that you'd make it far."

Quartermaster Frank Larsen - "Hangs out in Medbay and always restocks our bunks whenever we requested it or supplies are low. He's chill like that and fun to hang around. Currently searching for him for his sudden disappearance."

RA/E6 Neko Love - "Did a surgery on her because of CI's antics and had to get rid of barbed wire from her. I feel bad for the trauma that CI inflicted on her and hopes she recovers peacefully."

Site Director Benoit Couture - "Respectable, and fellow gamer in the foundation that made a few mistakes but for the better of the Foundation. I could probably win against him in a video game."

Jaune Fortnite - "Good D-Class intern that's enjoyable to have with us in Medbay. He does his job well and even gets some privileges for it."

Cooking - "Really gets the stress out the body with a hearty meal to eat or share with people."

Dr. Moth - "Other than being part of Research, he's more tolerable than Dr. Patters and other researchers who always end up in trouble. I respect him for his active pursuit of working and assisting me whenever I need an upgrade."

NTF - "Really does their motto of doing 110%, and quite helpful during a CI raid or SCP breach. Branch might slightly be corrupted and should be careful whenever alone."

SCP-682 - "Very close calls when dealing with SCP-682, but that fat lizard can't fit through doors effectively. Great bullet sponge to magdump into and a good source of adrenaline rush."

Arthur Gray - "A good officer within GENSEC and couldn't ask anyone better instead. Fun to hang around when in D-Block. Why? Why would you defect? Why didn't you speak to me at least."

Jennifer Lowe - "A GENSEC NCO that I've been noticing lately. She's done pretty well so far and I hope it would continue. Who brought you to this? It pains me when I have to see you after this."

Dr. Bogdanov - "Even though he is CI I'd view him different from the rest. His accent is quite unique from the others and I believe that we will be good friends."

SI "Sinatra" - "One of the Spires I give respect to and I can usually be relaxed around."

< Neutral >

E6 - "Only met them a few times whenever I'm on surface to help with a patrol, ammo run, or in general. Never really see them in the facility that much but they are tolerable to be with."

RA - "On edge because of their antics, like a few of them get in trouble and involves medical attention. Reliable in combat whenever there is a raid or breach."

Research Bay - "Other than the fire that the NTF has created, it's quite unique I should say. Whenever I peek into the room from the windows something interesting is happening."

< Dislike >
D-Class - "Other than being attacked by them daily, some of them are tolerable. Though, most don't listen and usually ends up shot and killed."

CI - "Some of you guys I tolerate, but there are certain individuals that I'd like to have my hands on."

SCP-106 - "If I get a quarter for every time I see people fall in front of Medbay I'd be extremely wealthy. Can we just sink him to the bottom of the ocean?"

SCP-049 - "Just get that doctor away from Medbay and we'll be fine. Every time SCP-049 goes on a walk he would always try to divert to the Medbay. Annoying to deal with especially with all his -2's he made."

Dr. Patters: "Going senile for his age which I can't blame him for. But his actions are another thing to deal with always resulting in injuries or death."

< Hate >
SCP-035 - "Someone seriously should be a dedicated caretaker of this mask. It keeps going to D-Block and whenever someone puts it on there would always be friendly-fire I get caught in."

C4 - "Caused so many surgeries to occur because of bombs. Do I need to explain more?"


< Personal Comms >

Dr. Chidaruma


"Magnus the Red"
Dr. Garrett
Dr. Bogdanov
"Dr. John"



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