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NAME: Elijah Jones
CODENAME: 'Steadfast'
DOB: 25th June, 2000 | Age: 23
POB: Glasgow, Scotland
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'10 | 177 cm
Eye: Brown
Build: Mesomorph

DEPARTMENT: Site Command
RANK: Assistant Security Chief | ASC
STATUS: Active

"I will bring them to their knees, destroy their stage, for I am steadfast in the Foundation."


Elijah Jones was born on June 25th, 2000, in Glasgow, Scotland. Growing up in a middle-class family, he developed a strong sense of responsibility and empathy from a young age. His interest in medicine had sparked early, encouraged by his mother's work as a nurse.
After completing his schooling, Elijah enlisted in the military, eager to serve his country and make a difference. His dedication and natural aptitude for healthcare led him to specialize in medical services within the military, where he honed his skills in emergency care and field medicine.
At some point during his service, Elijah was recruited by the SCP Foundation for his exceptional medical capabilities. Joining the Medical Department, he quickly rose through the ranks, earning the position of Staff Sergeant. His calm demeanour and efficient approach to patient care earned him recognition among his peers and superiors.



'Phoenix' - Started out as an NCO with me, you're pretty much my non-biological brother in my eyes! | You know I've always got your back, brother, no matter what. | If you get injured one more time, I don't know what I'll do. | I'm going to kick your ass if you keep getting injured, the day you die is the day I become lost.

'Deimos' - Just like 'Phoenix', a brother that I never got to be born with. | I enjoy the little silly things we do, even when it puts both our lives at risk. The thrill of it all is just amazing! | I'll always call you a brother.

'Orcus' - You were here when the site first became operation and we've gotten to know each other really well, I'd personally say that our friend ship is as strong as steel, it's unbreakable. | I promised you that I would join Nine Tailed Fox at some point, I swear that I'll upkeep it.

'Diabolical' - A brother just like the rest of those listed here, he's always there for me and does his best to keep me out of harms way. | Even if you do some stupid shit, I'll still call you a brother.

James Anderson - A good Lieutenant, doesn't have much of a presence unfortunately. | He served the medical division well in the time he served, it was unfortunate to see him go.

Ace Sol - Distance is something that those believe to be temporary, something tells me that it's permanent.

'Ghost' - A new transfer taking over for that traitor, 'Raven'.

Codsworth Miller - You are just like the others, Miller. You can be annoying at times, but in all you're a brother I never got to have. | Sometimes you can be questionable, but a brother never turns on another.

Ezekiel Longhart - A brilliant doctor and friend, he knows how to make your day.

Timbo Lee - An inspirational yet goofy leader, keep up the good work. | I don't know where you transferred off to, but I will miss being around you. | I miss you.. We miss you, come back.

'Manifest' - A brother like no other, well 'Phoenix' is better but you can see what I mean. | You make both me and Medical as a whole proud, keep it up.

Lily Politan - Someone with a pretty straight-forward personality and common sense, you don't see that a lot down here. | You joined Medical and are already an NCO, you deserve it with the amount of work you dedicate. | You and 'Tesla' clearly have something going on, I won't intrude.

Sam Eckhart - You are just like Timbo, you excel in medical duties yet have a great sense of humour that you can ground when it's needed, we appreciate you. | It's a shame that you were transferred out from our site, I felt like we were really starting to grow a connection, but I suppose all good things come to an end at some point. | I miss you.. We miss you, come back.

Dean McNeil - He's a competent guy and pretty cool in general, hope to see more of him in the future. | He's a good friend of mine and always will be.

'Wrath' - We work alongside each other now, it's a pleasure to do it.

Jaune Fortnite - A brilliant mind and hand when it comes to interning for Medical. | You've saved me and my comrades a fair amount of times, I trust you. | Betrayed us and joined NTF.

'Adware' - Now I wasn't really told on where you went nor why, so there wasn't really any cover up behind your story. I don't know how I never guessed that it was you.

'DDoS' - You love DDoSing the servers whenever we need a scramble, it fits the name. | I suppose you're competent and know what you are doing, 'Hades' made a great pick for the role.

'Flash-Drive' - A great Medical Director, always trying to help out where he can. | You saved me, I don't really have anymore words. | I'll forever admire you and your work. | Looks like we're working alongside each other once again, Flash.

'Capacitor' - I enjoy getting on your nerves, it's quite the thrill! Though for some reason, you don't seem to get all that upset. | There's something about you..

'Hades' - Someone I personally look up to in hopes that I aspire to be as great, or even greater than him. | I hope to work alongside him one day! | My hope became reality, I'm glad to work alongside you as site command.
'Tesla' - MU-4 operative now, huh, Valk. | I've got a close eye on you, I hope you serve the Foundation well in your new position my friend. | I can only hope that what I did helped your case, brother.

'Frostbite' - You're the one E6 I will actually ever turn to if I need something done or if I just want to talk to someone about semi-personal things.

'Akatosh' - You're one dumb motherfucker, 'Akatosh'..

'Spectre' - You're our replacement, do the Foundation good, sir.

'Surge' - A great technician and a horrible thief, pick up some more haste before you try to take that mint bowl again, big guy. | You proved your worth to me personally when you fixed my PDA, I forever trust you.

'Medkit' - How can someone be so accepting of themselves after losing everything, it sickens me. | You get yourself captured, I wouldn't be sticking my neck out for you if it wasn't part of my job. | I can understand why you're always so moody, but you need to keep a level head on the job and push that aside.

'Downfall' - I dislike your attitude, and the fact that you willingly went out of your way to date an Insurgent is beyond me. | I will never trust someone who trusts an insurgent, you're better off with them anyways. | Guess there's no more Valk around, how unfortunate for you. | Calling us monsters for killing your son.. a traitor. Maybe you are better off with the Insurgents.

E6 - You've broken my trust countless times but today was enough to force my hand. [05/18/24] | I refuse to ever trust your people again, not after what I was put through.

Chaos Insurgency - Do I really need to say why? | The assholes captured me, tortured me and then classed me.

IFAK - My first aid kit is my everything. | The more stickers, the better!

Defibrillators - Next to my IFAK, it's one of my favourite tools. | I've used these a lot more than I wanted to.

Pens - Clicking them over and over is nice. | I'll never get used to it.

PDA - My PDA, keeps data on my person that I might need for patients. (DM me for access if you get your hands on it!)

Paper - The amount of paper cut wounds I get in med bay hurts. | Gonna see more of it now.

Wheelchairs - Do I even need to say why? | This still stands.

The wall - That fucking thing has claimed more lives than SCP-049 and SCP-035 when the site is quiet, and that says a lot. | I just remembered that this thing existed, god I hated it.

Site-85 - The perfect place for me. | Was nice while it lasted.

Site-86 - Our new site, I hope this one actually lasts.

Medical Bay - Calm and relaxing, when people aren't dying that is.

Foundation Garage - The noise of gears shifting and crates falling is satisfying.

MD Office - Dr. Drive gave me a bunk in there, I use it whenever I get the chance to. | Moved on from using his bunk, to getting my own desk in the command bunks.. How time flies.

Sussy Square - It's way too open to be standing outside.

The Canal's - I've seen countless bodies drift up toward the safe-zone.

D-Block - It's way too chaotic for me, guess I just need to cope with it.

CI Base - The terrain is coarse and the base itself is a mineshaft.

The Hospital - For a place of life, it sure does bring a lot of death.


[MD] - [F] - [L1/2/3/4/5] - [G] - [EM] - [E6] - [NTF] - [MTF] - [OPEN] - [SC]

MD 'Phoenix' [Phoenix]
ASD 'Flash-Drive' [Flash]
MED PFC Scott Willow [Willow]
GENSEC CPT 'Frontier' [Frontier]
NTF C-L Joey Silos [Silos]
RA MSG Dean McNeil [McNeil]
ASC 'Wrath' [Wrath]
MD Consultant Ace Sol [Sol]
MU-4 CPT 'Hades'
SI OP 'Joey' [Joey]
E6 SG 'Crow' [Crow]



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// Already changed the format, hopefully this will do good for the time being!
// A little late, but rank has been updated to MSGT, I've finally accomplished my first goal on AU which was to make the rank of MSGT. Previously before the hiatus I could never get anything above SGT, and when I did I didn't completely deserve it, but with constant reassurance from my CO's and those surrounding me, I am happy to be where I am, so thank you.
// Updated the formatting, trying to keep it more clean I suppose. (Also got 1SG!)
// SGM now, woohoo! Also added some more personal opinions.
// Made this, it can be taken IC'ly as what's shown on my ID.


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// Personal Opinions have been updated once more! Some new people are on there, and old ones have most likely been updated.
// Another update to the DCB.
- Medical Database removed and moved to my PDA.
- Personal opinions on people has been updated.
- Personal opinions on items as been updated.
- Personal communications with people has been updated.

I plan on adding an image here soon of what Elijah looks like for everyone to see, but all you're getting for now is a basic description on his looks.
// 1LT has been achieved! Added some more minor changes as well as added a few more people to personal opinions. This DCB is also hackable for any sneaky CI that want to try and yoink it, so there's no need to ask me anymore.
// Decently big change, Elijah no longer trusts certain people due to a funny little situation that partook recently.
- Personnel opinions shifted
- Faction opinions shifted
- Medical log updated [PDA]
'Downfall' - I dislike your attitude, and the fact that you willingly went out of your way to date an Insurgent is beyond me. | I will never trust someone who trusts an insurgent, you're better off with them anyways.
Never knew there was a hater more than me