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F:\\Foundation_Files\\Site_68\\Personnel\\L4\\'Coyote' [Hackable]


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Secure. Contain. Protect
Personnel Record Access
Note that access to this personnel file is restricted to clearance level 4.

/> Welcome to the SCP Foundation personnel database. Please enter access credential
[Please Input Credentials]
/> Username: *********
/> Password: **************
/>Identity confirmed. Welcome,

Name: Bilbo Winters
KTE Kewpie Mendel-Lovelock Chrysopoeia-atypical 32W [Registered by Dr. Halliday]
Codename: 'Sexton''Coyote'
Security Clearance: Level 3
Current Assignment:
Specialties: N/A
Former Position:
> Epsilon 11 'Nine Tailed Fox' 1SG
> Epsilon 6 'Village Idiots' Heavy Squad Lead
Former Site Postings:
>85: Status unknown
>86: Code Black called

Former Specialties:
> Quick Response, Cloaking Unit, Containment Engineer, Medic, Heavy, Explosive Specialist, Marksman.
Current Location: Site-68 Italy
Serial Number: 3325-37762


dcb marking.jpg

PHYSICAL HEALTH: Above average physical condition, Impressive strength and agility do to cybernetics.
MENTAL HEALTH: We have been unable to fully gauge the mental stability of this individual. While all seems well on initial testing, Bilbo still has a compulsion to lick weird and anomalous objects.
The objects he has licked that are worth noting are as followed;
> Odd tree found in upper garage. (No effect)
> Corpse of attacker of an unknown origin. (No effect)
> Ghostly fire found in NTF bunks. (No effect)
> The big black wall. (No effect)
> Cultist alter. (No effect)
> Wall covered in blood. (No effect)
> Unknown reality bending tower. (Says tongue started to feel as if it was burning.)
> Mysterious orb know to consume souls. (No effect)
> Glass surrounding mysterious pyramid and book. (No effect)
> Unknown creature found in medbay. (No effect)
> various colours of anomalus flames
- Red (No effect)
- Blue (Was set ablaze, however the flames quickly disipated leaving only a few first degree burns)
- Yellow (No effect)
> Weird orb in green box. (Was brought into a realm where the destruction of foundation was seen. Now has a mark burnt into his chest.)
> ENDtree. (No Effect)
> Arsenic. (Stated that it tasted kinda good.)
> SCP-914 Like machine. (was light on fire and shrunk, while changing to multiple colours. Was later turned to normal after passing out.)

As of late Bilbo has shown periodical freak outs. Though medicaion has been issued, we highly advise regular check ups on their mental state.

> Bilbo has suffered loss of limb injuries to; both his legs, and left arm. This was due to a mine placed by SCP-397 'Lola'. The lost limbs have been replaced by cybernetic prosthesis.
> Bilbo has suffered multiple concussions due to countless falls into D-block from the catwalk.
> Bilbo has accepted the earpiece ordered by High Command. It has been implanted into his right ear.
>19 May 24 - 2lt Magnet performed a surgery to remove a brain tumor. The tumor was first located after Bilbo was returned to foundation, after being a hostage. During his time in captivity Bilbo was injected with Compound X which caused severe aggravation. The surgery was very successful and a full recovery was made .

[Communication Channel Access]
> Open
> Foundation
> Level 1-4
> E6

[Personal Channel Access]
> Stan Comic
> Aleksandr Akimov
> Charles 'Phoenix' Reiner
> Chara Slash
> Matt Axel 'Tex' Smith
> Birdie Decker
> Jay Clayton
> 'Gigabyte'
> Killian 'Rusty' Schafer
> 'Tesla'
> 'Hades'
> Codsworth 'Doe' Miller
> 289-486
> 'Fracture'
> 'Canary'
> 'Zealot'
> 'Ajax'

[Private Channel Access]
> MTF-Bilbo
> Panic Button (B̷͈̈r̴̬̅a̷͇͠v̸̤̂o̸͈̎+̵̞͊)

[Items of interest]
> Earpeice given by high command.
- "They say it detects see, yet is yet to do so. Why do we have these if we still need to scan for see levels?"
> A Vintage Garfeild plushie given by ASD Olivia Jones
> An unremovable Amulet given by MTF Operative Felix Winters (The Child)

- "Never believe what you hear and only half of what you see."
>Scroll of death warding given by the guild master

[Opinions on people]
> Birdie Decker: What goes on through your head bestie
> Jay Clayton: Solid guy
> Carter Smith: Please stop trying to fix things
> 'Downfall': DONT EAT THE TOTS
> 'Joey': Good guy sometimes... Why do you live in the vents?
> 'Doe': ...
> Elijah 'Steadfast' Jones: Good guy, would trust him in battle.
> 'Gigabyte': I trust you, we've dealt with some weird stuff together.. dont make me feel stupid for putting my trust in you.
> 'Canary': Why do you help me so much? Somethings are better left unanswered
> 'Zealot': Green eyes, if you have redhair its game over for me.

[Personal Acheivments]
> Boxing Record 3-0
- 'The Cure' 1-0
- 'Sinatra' 2-0

> Green eyed, redhead girls. (Zealot?)
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// love the format. But how tf you lick so many things and still alive?
// W DCB, I personally believe that your RP can be really enjoyable at times and think that you're a great guy in general. I am excited to see this expand some more in the future! Also W Elijah comment.