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*"Forced explanations often end in a distortion of lies."*

Level 4 Clearance Required.
Unauthorized entry to encrypted documents will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the SCP Foundation authority.

Personnel Information:

Code Name :

Full Name:
Cynbiir Moonraven

Department: General Security

Rank: General Security Defensive Specialist Squad Lead

Personnel Description:
Standing 6 ft tall and weighing 220 they are of slightly above average build and definition. ██ years old. Grey/brown dirty hair cut short. Grey almost mist covered eyes. Size 11 SA shoes.

Being a member of a private security force they learnt a lot of their combative skill through experience. Oddly enough they do not have any scars except for a small cut on the left side of their chest and another on their left temple.
Having been a foundation member for a number of years they have previous experience within the SCP foundations operations however they cannot seem to recall their time within site-██ or site-██. This loss of memory is suspected to be the use of a class-██ memetic.
The have flashing images where an unknown logo flashes with the words "Forget Me Not" followed by someone whispering the words "The less you know he better..."​

Personnel Impactful Events: 19/07/2021 They were transferred from Site-██ by the Site Director due to █████████ █████ ████ ██ ███ with the transfer happening with immediate effect. The were assigned to assist the site-██ within the General security sector with the purpose of ███ and reporting back to 05-█ and their contact within the site. The operation was centered around a member of Alpha-1 'Red Right Hand" and the operation was called ██████ upon a ██-scenario happening they were re-assigned to site-85 after one year of absence. Priority watch set on this personnel by ████████

Personnel Opinions habits and observation sheet:



Amnestics and memetics: They understand the reason behinds its use but does not enjoy the feeling after it was used on them. They suspect this is the reason for a lot of their memory loss. How much they are aware of is still to be determined. If they become aware of sensitive information from site- ██ they are to be given ██████

Mu-4- They state when asked regarding the MTF that "They seem to know to much." followed by the phrase "The less you know the better" This shows they remember their time within ███

The Chaos Insurgency: They seem to be neutral to this faction due to understanding their goals but not agreeing with their methods or a majority of their ideology. They have been noted working along site Chaos Insurgency members when a joint goal is to be achieved.

Liquor: They carry a flask with the words "May all your sparks light flames- Dynamite" on it which they keep filled with Tullermore Dew Whiskey.
Tittles: No this is a type of candy that is found in a rare few vending machines. Similar to Skittles but the off-brand.
Chocolate milk: This is due to chocolate milk being just plain amazing and helping with the after effects of some amnestic and memetic effects.

Seems to try and be around higher ranking personnel. Potentially to notice any interesting information.
Tapping the side of their forehead ,where their scar is, whenever trying to retain important information.
Drinking on the job. It helps keep them focused but not to hyper focused as to draw to much attention.

Personnel Unique Items:

A flask they received from a friend at site-██
The standard D-Class tag labeled "D-6797"
A normal looking red pen which seems to no longer hold ink. The serial number reading 0013


Further updates to the personnel file will be made while they are under observation.
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