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WARNING! The following documents require a clearance level of 4+, any unauthorized users will be hunted down and executed!


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"We have a responsibility to look after one another. I take that very seriously."

Name: Elias Kötz

Codename: Blitz

Date of Birth: 4/2/1980

Place of Birth: Bremen, Germany

Status: Active

Clearance Level: 4-4

Branch: General Security

Rank: Executive Officer / Lead GENSEC Officer

Occupation before Foundation: GSG-9

Physical Description:


Height: 5'9" (1.75m)

Weight: 165lbs (75kg)

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Mark of Sacrifice on the right side of his neck, Mark of lovers on his left pec.



NCO Status - Achieved
Officer Status - Achieved

CPT Status - Ongoing
Site Command Status - Remains to be seen
Eliminate the C.I that branded his CPT
Help assist tactics to increase survivability during raids

Mental Description

Overall Condition: Average

Attributes: "Blitz" is a person of high mental fortitude, using his humor and jokes as a way to disarm intense situations and allow for a brighter light to shine. He cares deeply for his team members, always putting his life on the line before allowing anyone else. Though this has caused complications in the past, as "Blitz" while being a quick thinker, is somtimes not quick enough and gets into tough situations out of an attempt to rescue or prevent danger to his comrades.

Combat ability: Though it should be obvious, "Blitz" has a unique ability to rush into almost any situation with lightning intensity, causing his enemy's movements to be brash and disoriented, he is most known for capitalizing on this when his team is in tow. His remarkable "Blitz" rush while simple bring's fast and devastating results to whichever opposition he may face.

Possessions: G-52 Tactical Shield, Personal P12 Pistol, Old GSG-9 Gear, Lava from the Overlords realm and DNA samples


Clowns - "True comedians and joke tellers need not hide behind a mask, not to mention they look like spawns of the devil"

Chaos Insurgency - "These bastards remind me of clowns, they act a certain way when you hold the cards, the another when they do, I will never forgive their actions when they branded my closest friends, I will find and I will kill whoever they are. I do not care how far they run, I will be right behind them. They need not worry though, unlike the suffering they caused my friends to go through, their life will be over in a flash."

Psycho - "You will pay dearly my friend, when you condoned that senseless act against my soldiers, you signed away your life, I will find you, then I will kill you.

- Dislikes -

Mu-4 - "Silence is a coward's language, and the recluse nature of them does not go unnoticed, while I can understand their work is secret, they'll come to understand a simple truth and that is; nobody will throw their lives away for a cause/person they know nothing of. When time comes on the battlefield many will hesitate to put their lives on the line for them, cause when have they done that for them..."

Digorgio - "Isnt that the fella who tried to incite and act of terrorism over some taxes?"

Vladime Gruskie - "..."

- Neutral -

Research Agency - "I have not heard much from them, cant really make a determination you know?"

E6 - "Some members of this group need more energy! Ja, they always seem so dead inside, not only that but even in their strategy they are slow to the punch and need more boom behind their punches!"

Hades - "I respect the fellow but I am indifferent when I compare him to other people but hey! That's part of the job ja?"

- Likes -

NTF - "At first I thought it was funny they refer to themselves as the nine tailed fox, I remember back in Amerika, they had people who called themselves eeh furries? It reminded me of that, how I have grown to respect them! They remind me of my old friends back in die Grenzschutzgruppe 9. "

GSC - "While I cant say it'll ever feel like back in the old days, GENSEC has grown on me and I do love them."

MD - "Look's like you sprung a leak my friend!"

Joey Schlackie - "Ah yes this man was my old LGO when I was still new to the foundation, he commands respect and I respond with it. Viel Glück da draußen, Sir!"

Akatosh - "I love this man I only wish he was able to throw himself out there more, however as a person I would strive to be like him."

Thomas Memnook - "Ah he reminds me of my old friend Till! He was Korporal and well respected I do think he gets in his own head sometimes but I do respect him!"

- Loves -

Breaker - " I believe this person is more of what I would define as a good person especially in Mu-4 he doesnt use his clearance as an escape and always is willing to lend a helping hand"

Olivia Jones "Ragdoll" - "Ay, where do I begin with this women, we have traveled through 106 together and I almost got myself killed trying to help her then we also got chased around by 682! She does have her quirks but I am always happy to be in her presence!"

Benoit Couture - "Ah, this fellow is just like me ja! Always with the jokes and the bright side, I love him! I heard about this occasion where he got mad at someone, yikes, reminds me of my old unteroffizier!"

- Favorites -

Surge - " Ah yes the country man of Amerika, heh we do the uh, whats the term, shoot the shit at night? Ja thats it! Love him very much! "

Timothy Lee - "The only D-Class I would trust to have my back"

Ace Sol - "I've had the utmost pleasure being able to serve along side this person I truly hope they make it far."

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