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Personal Information

Code Name - "Gahnji"

Full Name - Conan Achlys Cooper

Age - 24

Height - 6'2

Blood Type - AB-

Family Relations -

Father - Craig Travis Cooper [Deceased]

Mother - Helen Gaia Cooper [Deceased]

Brother - Jamin Dinlas Cooper [Deceased]

Sister - Alice Enyo Cooper [Alive]

Public Information -

Department: Epsilon-6 "Village Idiots"

Rank: PV2

Character Description -
A shy individual who has shown that he prefers to keep to himself.
Conan is stressed most of the time due to his anxiety and PTSD.
He does not trust anyone except his Commanding Officers in Epsilon-6 "Village Idiots" and Site Command.
Conan is often nauseous due to his obsession with spinning in circles.
Although he trusts his Commanding Officers and Site Command he does not trust them personally.
Conan cares for everyone on this site although it may seem like he doesn't.

Character Events -

Conan Cooper had originally joined the General Security department when he first arrived at Site-85 although after seeing Epsilon-6 "Village Idiot" members he had decided that he wanted to transfer into their department. Once he enlisted into Epsilon-6 "Village Idiots" he had often stayed close to any Commanding Officer he spotted. Early into his time with Epsilon-6 Conan had been trained for Medic, Marksman and Explosive Specialist and is now happy as a Medic for Epsilon-6. During a mission Conan had been given the "Mark of the Sands" on his left arm. During this mission Conan had bonded with "Crack Head" while the entire group was bowing down to the anomaly present before us.

Character Opinions -

Most people - I don't trust most people which results in me hating them.
Being Ignored - I've been ignored nearly the entire time I've been on site. It's frustrating trying to talk to anyone so I don't try anymore...
Crowds of people - They become too loud for me, I enjoy the silence.
General Security Department - I don't like most of the people inside this department. They treat D-Class like shit even when they cooperate.
Most SCPs - They are extremely dangerous and should be destroyed.

People who try becoming close with him


D-Class - They're mostly good working people with a shady history but they are looking to reform themselves.
Cats - They're cute little animals and more trustworthy and loyal than dogs.
Marijuana - I enjoy smoking it while off duty.
Whiskey - It's always there when you need it.
Greek Gods - I'm fascinated by the history behind it and so was my mother.
Money - I signed up for this for one thing. I need it to help my younger sister.
SCP-999 - One of the only SCPs I like.
Being Alone - I don't need to worry about anyone when I'm alone.

Dunkin Donuts Berry Sparked Energy - My favorite drink to energize myself!
Standing on Boxes - It's oddly enjoyable.

Thoughts on People:


Orion - I've only been around him once but he's extremely annoying.

Ace Sol - She's a good Medic and I trust her with helping me.

D-Class "Crack Head" - I had bonded inside a temple with him and I encouraged him to ask the anomaly a question. "Crack Head" had asked for cocaine and once he got it we both shared an amazing experience together.
Frostbite - He trained me for everything in Epsilon-6 I trust him and enjoy being around him.

Character Unique Items:

A watch given to him by his father.
A small portrait of himself and Alice.
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