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Level 4 Clearance Required. Unauthorized entry to encrypted documents will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the SCP Foundation authority.


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Personal Information:

Code Name: "Downfall"

Full Name: Neko Love

Age: 21

Height: 5'2

Blood Type: B+

Family Relations:

Mother: Catina Love, Deceased.

Father: Ari Love, N/A

Public Information:

Department: Epsilon 6 "Village Idiots"

Rank: Executive Officer (XO)

Character Description:
Prone to making unwise decisions (such as wandering alone on the surface).

She often becomes overwhelmed and is overly concerned with others' opinions of her. Additionally, she cares excessively for those close to her, to an unhealthy extent. She has medium-length brown hair and hazel eyes.

Highly anxious person but trusts people a bit to easily.

Character Events:
Neko quickly took interest and joined E6, prior she was a d class that was allowed to wonder with a guard on good behavior.

Reason for being a death row inmate

From an early age, Neko felt neglected by her parents, who often shouted at her and failed to treat her as their child.

Her mother's behavior was erratic. On some days, she would cherish Neko as if she were the most important person in the world, and on other days, she would dismiss her as if she were worthless. Consequently, Neko grew up desperate for affection, to the point of forcing it. At sixteen, her life took a dark turn when her mother was imprisoned for the murder of her father. Her mother's parting words as she was taken away were:
"You! You're the reason he cheated! He was MINE! You are worthless." After Neko was placed in a new home she ended up meeting more people, it was new for her and she got attached to the way these new feelings felt to her. She fell in love but faced rejection, but she realized love made her feel so happy... Like its the one thing she NEEDED. In her pursuit of love, she began to hate being denied. It hurt her a lot, and she felt love was something she deserved after the way her parents treated her. She tried so hard to make people love her... A little to hard. In the end she tortured at least six individuals to death as they wouldn't love her. She says it was 'For Love'. "Why won't they love me? I j-just want to be loved..."

After a psychologist spoke to her it's found she was abused by her parents and had little to no contact with the outside world until her mother was arrested. believed to have undiagnosed psychological issues.

She was sentenced to death, but the foundation decided to take her themselves. maybe they could find a use for her...

(//Made it hard to read on purpose. I'm not a psychopath I swear!)

The first time she was kidnapped it was horrible for her, as she wasn't kidnapped alone. They kidnapped her along with a close friend at the time whose name will remain unspoken. They tortured her to get answers out of him, wrapping barbed wire around her neck that tore her throat horribly. They also proceeded to shoot her leg.
After the CI got the information they wanted; or at least what they could get, they forced her to hurt her friend. She hated it, and refusing made it all worse. Luckily her friend survived but she always hated herself for causing him so much pain.

The second time she was kidnapped they took her and a close friend that was part of E6 named Tom. They stabbed her arm and offered her blood to a glowing tree, to which it sucked out of her. They then stabbed Tom to death right Infront of her, and all she could do was painstakingly watch as the tree consumed his soul.

They didn't kill her, just gave the tree more of her blood then threw her back to the foundation. Remembering everything and blaming herself.

The third time she was kidnapped, they kidnapped her CPT as well. They branded her with a heated branding iron that said CI and the brand still remains on her arm. They tried to use torturing her to get information out of her CPT, but she understood that he couldn't say anything; no matter how much they hurt her. They shot her in the leg four times with a shotgun. She eventually learned to be more careful, still fearful of CI and what they may do to her. She is very prone to panic attacks...

CI kidnapped Neko once again...(Really needs to stop happening). They tortured one of their own in front of her, and she was emotionally traumatized and confused by the situation. They basically killed him, but she later found out he wasn't dead, which threw her for a loop and confused her even more. The CI they tortured was Krumpet (She now believes it to be Seven Three that was tortured in front of her.)

After a run in with some form of cult she now has a strange scar burned on to her wrist (Mark of Sacrificed).

Once more she found herself in a town that those same cultists were in and now has a new mark on the opposite wrist. (Mark of the Lovers)

Another mark! Placed on her shoulder. (Mark of the Sands)

Character Opinions:


Being ignored or shrugged off.
Hurting people, or seeing people get hurt.

People raising their voices.


Ice cream, kindness, and caramel frappes.
E6 as a whole, sees them as a family.

Thoughts on People:


Tim: He is one of the most obnoxious, random, rudest CI she has ever met.


Most of CI and foundation fall here.
Doe: Formerly known as N/A. They went through a lot together, but he doesn't remember...
Tex: He may have replaced Tom... but he's a good man. She hopes he goes far... "I'll always miss Tom but I can't blame you."
Psycho: For being the CI commander he is oddly... kind? to her...
John Walters: He talks to her? "I just want him to like my tator tots..."
Akatosh: He stole her tator tots...

Tempest: Respects him more than most but is obviously on edge around him.
Jerry Chain: Her favorite E6 medic. He helps her a lot and keeps her sane. "I'm sorry I'm so problematic."
Dragon: A very calm CI that she chats with every now and then. "He loves my tator tots! maybe one of the only ones..."
Hoffman: He ALWAYS tries to go to surface without asking and alone. She worries for him a lot... "Please be careful."
DDoS: "I trust him... he wouldn't lie to me. Right?"
Dr. John: For a CI scout you are fun to be around.

Seven Three: Definite case of Stockholm. "Why do I feel like this? After everything bad you've done... I [Static]"
Raven: He's a bit dumb but one of the few people she trusts the most. Now her adopted son.
Krumpet: "Valk... I'm so sorry I... I should have told you."

Character Unique Items:

A wedding ring: It's a very expensive looking ring that means a lot to her.
A bracelet: Given to her by someone she loves...
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Neko is an anxious individual prone to making unwise decisions (such as wandering alone on the surface).
// Can confirm this is true. But good job on finally getting a DCB
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