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Grey Crown

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Personal Information:
(Confidential/Restricted Material)
<Full Name: Emmett (Grey Crown) Victory
<D.O.B: 01/01/1996
<P.O.B: United States of America, New York City
<Codename: Ghost Face, Overseer Grey Crown
<Status: Active Duty
<Actual Location: Site-86
<Gender: Male
<Height: 6’5
<Weight: 230

In-Depth Personal Information:
(Private Material)
<Background Information:
(Emmett grew up in New York City running in with the United Blood Nation with his brothers Eric and Drake. Born on the streets, Raised by the Streets and he and his brothers at the age of nineteen joined the US Army as a way to escape, what they called “The Gang Life”. However in (REDACTED) Emmett Joined the SCP Foundation after being (REDACTED) Emmett bounced around a few MTF such as Delta 4, Titan 1 and Omega 45 for his military background and as a medic. Being “From the Streets” Emmett has a wide range of Knowledge in multiple urban environments including culture, local life and routes. Showing great progress within these MTF before switching over to current MTF Epsilon-6.
<Family: Eric “Red Crown” Victory. (Deceased)
Drake “Blue Crown” Victory (Deceased)
Psychological Personal Evaluation Notes from Doctor ℐ𝓂𝒶𝓃𝒾 𝒦: “Emmett express little regard for his own life after contracting (REDACTED) And the death of his brothers. Emmett turns to smoking to deal with high stress environments and anger. With recent events he seems to be doing better with his anger but chronic smoking is still an issue at large. But when around “E6 Heavy Lead” Bilbo he says it reminds him of “Home” Let it be New York City or elsewhere, he wouldn't elaborate on. Often claiming to see Bilbo as one of his brothers. He’s also expressed his dislike to (REDACTED) Claiming the extreme urge to smoking. He also seems to be building up extreme anxiety when working, often leading to chain smoking.”
Military Informations:
(Highly Classified, Heavily Restricted Material)
<Former Task Force: MTF Delta-4 (“Minutemen”), MTF Titan-1 (“Off the Books”), MTF Omega-45 (“Street Samurai”)
<Current Task Force: MTF Epsilon-6 (“Village Idiots”)
<Rank: Corporal
<MOS: E6 Medic
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W Bilbo!!! Cant wait to see you build on this.