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F: \\Foundation_Files\\SITE_86\\Medical_Division\\Security_Medic_Officers\\Personnel_Files\\Jakub_"Manifest"_Kolar\\[Hackable]


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Level 4-II Clearance Required. Unauthorized/forced entry to encrypted documents will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Medical Division’s authority. Scroll down to continue.

SCP Foundation - Site 68 - Italian Alps


Full Name: Jakub Kolar

Codename: “Manifest”

Nationality: Czech and American

Department: Medical Division

Rank: First Lieutenant

DOB: 4/21/XXXX

POB: Prague, Czech Republic


Jakub Kolar was born in Prague in XXXX, but emigrated to the United States 4 years later, in XXXX. While growing up in Colorado Springs, Jakub developed a strong sense of morality, and did his part to help his country, becoming a fire lookout after graduating high school with high honors. After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Emergency Medical Services, Jakub moved to Montana, where he joined the fight against a group of militant religious fanatics. Afterwards , Jakub moved back to the Czech Republic and became a paramedic. During that time, his emergency medical expertise caught the attention of the SCP Foundation, and he was promptly recruited into the Medical Division in Site-86. Once in the Medical Division, Jakub quickly rose through the ranks, and has taken a leadership position within the Medical Division as a CO. However, some people within the site disagree with his tendency to prioritize ethics and morality over Site policy.

<< Loves >>
Dr. Bogdanov: He may be the “enemy”, but he's my best client and always helps me out on surface!

Elijah Jones: I would get arrested by Site Command before I do anything to harm this man (which did happen)!

Peaceful resolutions: Why solve things with a bullet when you can solve things with a word instead?

<< Likes >>
NTF: Never had a problem with them, and they always help contain whatever hellish beast is destroying Medbay at any given time.

Ace Sol: Always positive interactions with my fellow Second Lieutenant! Positive interactions with her, minus when she arrested me for “assisting” Elijah in his “legal troubles”. I suppose I have to like her since she's (technically) my boss now!

Phoenix: More mouse bites!

Diabolical: My main man in GENSEC, always open to talk about our branches or to get a drink!

Elijah "Steadfast" Jones: He's alright, except for when he divorced me over the phone.

D-Class: They do like to riot, but they're less hostile to Medical than they are to GENSEC, and there are a couple friendly people in there.

E6: Don't really interact with them much, when I do it's either having a laugh with someone or getting harassed about being on surface.

Site Command: Never really have a reason to talk to them, and they never really have a reason to talk to me.

GENSEC: They've really improved (no doubt thanks to Diabolical)! I look forward to working with them more!

CI: They torture, kill indiscriminately, and conduct wildly unethical experiments, but there are a few people with their souls somewhat intact in there.

Disrespect: I come in somewhere to assist, and you have the nerve to lecture me on what I'm “supposed to be doing”? Give me a break.

Surge: He keeps stealing from the candy bowl in Medbay. Doesn't he get paid enough to buy his own candy?

GENSEC: Half of my day is spent in D-Block doing things that GENSEC should handle.

Needless Violence: Some people are way too quick to raise a gun. Why can't people just take a moment to get both sides of a story, and sort things out peacefully?

Personal Comms:
ASC Elijah "Steadfast" Jones
ASD “FlashDrive”
Medical Director “Phoenix”
Medical Attending Ace "Magnet" Sol
RI Senior Researcher Dr. Bogdanov
RI Dr. Major
GENSEC XO "Diabolical"

MD MSG "Doe"

Unique Items:

Hello Kitty duffle bag: I always keep one on hand to carry medical supplies and large amounts of cash for my medical supply business

Business card: Need high-grade medical supplies or home improvement goods? Call Kolar’s Commodities!

Chemical composition report from Doe's cookies: The horror...
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