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— Personal Information —
Name: Jennifer Löwe⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Gender: Cis
Age: 31Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 01-05-1993Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Ethnicity: GermanNationality: American
— Employment Information —
Assignment: Site-86, EgyptBranch: General Security⠀ ⠀
Clearance: Level 3Date of Hire: 05/21/2020
Rank: Staff SergeantStatus: Active & Alive
— Prior Assignments —
General Security Captain, Site-██.
BRIEF ASSIGNMENT Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 2LT, Site-██.
Site Agent 2LT, Site-██.
— Patient Information —
Name: Jennifer Löwe Blood Type: AB-
Date of Birth: 01-05-1993Allergies: Fish & Seasonal Pollen
Injuries on File: ALERT - DATA from Site-██ has corrupted. File is incomplete.
  • Two stab wounds, now scarred over with time, are present on the patient's upper right back. Patient has explained the wounds were acquired in D-Block at Site-██.
  • Two abnormal lines of calloused skin located on the patient's left wrist, where the patient has described a monitoring device from her prior assignments was attached for a prolonged period of time. Upon being asked, the answer that was given was as follows:
    • "It was something to ensure staff were healthy. That's all it really was, but the fact it was even required still leaves an acidic taste in my mouth. Something like that being forced on you as part of some new regulation feels awful, especially when you can't say no." When asked to elaborate further the patient refused to comment.
Psychological Incidents on File: ALERT - DATA from Site-██ has corrupted. File is incomplete.
  • Upon being asked to disclose any past medical history regarding her mental health, the patient denied to answer outside of claiming to have a prominent phobia of Bracelets & Electronic Chips. She wouldn't elaborate any further.
Surgeries on File: ALERT - DATA from Site-██ has corrupted. File is incomplete.
— Physical Information —
Body Type: EctomorphEye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Chestnut"Preferred"Style: Loose ponytail w/ messy bangs.
Skin Color: White⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Tattoos: A yellow canary on her upper left back, taking up a 2 inch space.
Height: 168.4 cm or ~5'6"Weight: 59.4 kg or ~131 lbs
Distinguishing Features: [To Be Filled Out Over Time]
█ █ █ █
#’d Left-to-right, each square above corresponds to a different aspect of how Jennifer views your character. If there are any questions, feel free to DM or Ping me on disc.
1. Thoughts of you professionally: Admired █ | Respected █ | Trusted █ | Approval █ | Neutral █ | Disapproval █ | Hatred █ | Fear █
2. Thoughts of you in general: Admired █ | Respected █ | Trusted █ | Approval █ | Neutral █ | Disapproval █ | Hatred █ | Fear █
3. Relationship Status: Partner █ | Family-Like █ | Close Friend █ | Friend █ | Acquaintance █ | Enemy █
4. Interest in you: Attraction | Friendship █ | None █ | Curiosity █ | Professional| Secretive █
† = Deceased / ® = Retired/Transferred / = UNKNOWN

Reply to this post if you aren't on here and you think you should be! ^^

"Sometimes, things don't necessarily work out."


"Despite how many times I've wanted to kill you in the past, you still manage to stay in my mind as one of my closest friends, Cross. Whether or not I'll see you again in person is questionable, but considering how we last left off with that whole... chip and CRS business being behind us, I think there isn't anyone else who'd be able to accomplish what you did. From being my most despised enemy who swiped my most trusted men and women out from underneath me to showing that you couldn't help it given your situation... I really have to say I value you. Here's to hoping you're safe."

Old Cappy Mahi Mahi

"For what it's worth, I'm sorry I had to make the decisions that ended up harming you more than I ever initially could've thought. One day, I'll make it up to you, even if you aren't around to know that I'm trying."


Arturia Carter

"You order Root Beer at a café, not only that, but you WARNED me to stand down out of... what? Comradery? Fear? Respect? Ughhh... - In only a few hours, this insurgent showed me far more respect than I've ever received from anyone from that previous cell that antagonized my old site. I've always been soft on those we've captured out of hopes they'd go easy on me despite my antagonizing nature I have in the field, but I... I'm just confused. You're the enemy, after all. I have to point my gun at you. This is why I've tried to avoid things like this in the past, yet now it seems I have a drinking buddy? Fuck. This is going to feel awful when this ends with you at the end of my gun's barrel, though at the very least, we can enjoy our drinks together for the moment. That's what a warning gets you."

Sloane Petrenko

"The odds I keep this line of contact between you and I is very slim, but if you turn out to be something other than a crazed lunatic with a gunpowder fantasy, then maybe I'll give it more thought. Everything you described has only doubled my worry as to how the hell this current cell even operates. To talk so... casually about harming someone like DDoS like it were just another Tuesday just leaves me sickened."

Site Command


"If you weren't the first assistant director I've ever seen actually doing their job, I'd be more pissed about you constantly messing with my gas mask, but you're so quick to act when your direction is needed I find myself unable to get truly mad at you. It's like the situation with DDoS. You can't get mad at someone who's just pulling your leg for a good shared laugh. - Seriously, though, at least leave the mask alone. It's a pain in the ass to properly seal if it keeps getting ripped off my head for a prank."


"The few interactions we've had leave me conflicted. Personally, I like you. You seem like a nice guy, but from the way the Site has handled itself since my arrival, it leaves me concerned. Our security is so... lax compared to what I'm used to, that I struggle to not judge you at least to some degree. It's your job to make sure the branches are working the best they can with each other, and right now, things seem awfully separated, like a weird, slightly organized chaotic ball of branches playing twister. - So, I'll try my best to help within my limits. You still got that final say, after all!"


Art Sigma

"Art is someone with such a recognizable voice that within seconds I was able to connect the dots where normally my habit of being horrible with names would fail me. He was quite the helpful Drill Sergeant back when I was Captain and was practically essential to the operation I had running back then. So, to see him also transfering here has made me quite happy. For having a voice that serves as a rallying call for those around him, yet again he's proven himself to be a valuable member of the team."

Dean McNeil

"I've expressed my opinions regarding some of your orders and you took it really well. We agreed to disagree while you acknowledged my point of view and I yielded due to it being your decision in the end. While I may be an old cappy and I might express what I think is best at times, I'm happy to see that you don't take an offense to it. If anything, it makes me want to trust your orders more. - As long as what you say makes sense, I'll follow it to the death, just like any of my higher ups."

Elias Kötz / "Blitz"

"Elias was the first member of GENSEC higher than Captain that I informed about what I'd been tasked with and they've done wonderful things with that information. I've slowly been seeing changes that he as well as myself expressed interest in slowly roll their way through the ranks, and while I can't say if it's exactly all his doing, he'll still hold my respect for knowing at least two things GENSEC needed to start striving to accomplish. Way to make an ex-Captain happy. - Besides, I'd like to think I wouldn't let just any officer slam their boot into my damn shin. Which, ow, please never again."

Stan Comic

"Stan's a familiar face from back at my old Site, all the way back to the tail end of my position as Captain there. While I didn't get to know him too well back then, he was one of the first to recognize me and in turn I've grown to trust him rapidly to have my back. Like GENSEC of old, I trust him with my life so I hope that feeling is mutual. Not to mention, he's been a wonderful assistant in figuring out some of the newer regulations around this site and how differently it operates from our old one."


Ace Sol

"A nice change of pace in a sea of seemingly distant faces with an interest in collecting boxes. It's not the weirdest collection I've ever seen in a site, but it's not like that really matters in the end, does it? Everyone has their hobbies, and no box collection is going to stop me from enjoying the few conversations we have had. Although we've hardly ever discussed anything too serious, I think that's a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, small talk really is the way forward! - One of three main reasons I like to poke my head inside medical for the occasional chat." - Initial Impression

"Out of everyone in medical I've interacted with, your consistency still amazes me at how many times it has saved me in such a short amount of time. While I'm not the best at knowing when I'd consider someone a friend, at least in this case I think it's well earned. - I'll try to make sure the barista actually gets you matcha rather than grass next time around now." - 5/13/2024

Dr. Longhart

"An observant Doctor who caught on to something I didn't know how to feel about at the time. While our exchange was brief with it lasting twenty minutes at most, his words were refreshing, even if he wasn't exactly qualified as a therapist. For what it's worth, I need to thank him for being there to hear me out."

Elijah Jones

"Joking around with Elijah has got to be the most fun I've had in ages on a site and he's the second reason I like to frequent medbay for a quick moment of rest. Ace and Him alongside the rest of the medical staff have made it abundantly clear that Site-85's medbay is one of the most welcoming medbays I've been been in. Not to mention, Elijah in particular is a wonderful patrol partner the few times I've tagged along with whatever he's up to. His communication is quick and clear when things are needed to be relayed in a serious manner, and with that I trust him to have my back more than some GENSEC as of now."



"A familiar... what? Mask? Voice? - I know you from before, but I still can't put a finger on who you might've been. Did you transfer in? Did you just... suddenly appear one day? I can't exactly remember it all too well, but one thing is clear. You're someone I've trusted time and time again to handle things when I needed an experienced hand. You know what you're doing and you were always there when called upon in the past, so for that you have my constant respect. Though, I'm... concerned about your ethics. Oh well. Maybe that just comes with being a spook."


"I tried to tell myself I wouldn't get involved with too many codename folks that hide behind masks like I have in the past, but this one has grown on me. Like Odin and Echo did so in the past, sometimes it's nice to have a bit of laughable fun poking around at someone who could reasonably assist in ordering your death. Now, if only this asshole would stop closing doors in my face. - I'll get him back for it eventually, one way or another."

The Foundation: An Overview

"My loyalties were misplaced once, but I'm willing to give it my all another honest try with this new Site and its command. While I have so far disagreed with their methods at times and part of me screams to speak up to fix something that must be a new norm, I... no longer have that authority. I am not a member of command and I won't be close to that anytime soon. So for now, I'll bite my own tongue. However, if the chance ever presents itself, I will push that paper once more to get everything to how it should be."

CRS: An Overview

"I wish so many of you didn't end up within coffins. I don't even know whether to wish for those who didn't to still be alive, as... do I even want to know what has become of them? No... no, I don't. Those who are still alive deserve to be left alone should they want to remain hidden."

Chaos Insurgency: An Overview

"I've heard nothing but stories of horrifying mutilation from this CI Cell, so it has me cautious. Sure, I've dealt with fanatics before, but something here seems different. I don't think I could ever rememeber a member of my previous Site's command ever losing an arm, and yes... apparently that's a common thing here? Eugh... - Have some decency."

Chaos Insurgency
"Hades" - 5/13/2024 - MU-4 Assistance
Valk Schneler - Date Lost to Time - Random Garage Encounter
Arturia Carter - 5/13/2024 - Café Encounter
Dr. John - Date Lost to Time - "Want Some Flour?"
Sloane Petrenko
- 5/13/2024 - Café Encounter
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Elijah Jones

"Joking around with Elijah has got to be the most fun I've had in ages on a site and he's the second reason I like to frequent medbay for a quick moment of rest. Ace and Him alongside the rest of the medical staff have made it abundantly clear that Site-85's medbay is one of the most welcoming medbays I've been been in. Not to mention, Elijah in particular is a wonderful patrol partner the few times I've tagged along with whatever he's up to. His communication is quick and clear when things are needed to be relayed in a serious manner, and with that I trust him to have my back more than some GENSEC as of now."
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