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*Foundation File Login*
Checking system...OK
Checking the command line...OK
Initializing basic libraries..OK
Verifying the file...OK
Preparing file...Please type Foundation username:███████████████████████
Please type Foundation password:

Access Granted...OK
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!!This document is restricted to level 3+ ONLY if you are viewing this while under level 3 you will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the SCP Foundationn's authority!!

Personal Information (Site-86)
Name (Last, First): Guy ████ Cyrus
(name change)
Place of Birth: Oklahoma, USADate of Birth: 5/21/00Gender: Non-Binary
Age:24Eye Color: mix of green, blue, yellow, and grayHair Color: BrownAppearance: A white person with marks from many SCPs (Ex: bite marks from 939, corrosion from 106, cuts from 076/4000)
Blood Type: AB+Height: 6' 1"Personel Idenfaction Number: 5824-28434Extra Information: Wanted to be an engineer before the army so has some good knowledge of electronics and computers
Current Occupation: NTF NCOPrevious Occupation (Before Foundation): Army 2LTEnlistment Date: 3/21/22
Status: Active

Site-65 Information
Site-65 Codename
Site-65 Rank2LT
Site-65 Branch(s)Gensec, SA, Medic, NTF

Personal Audio Logs from Site-86
Log 1: "This new site is very nice I will miss Site-65 but this one does seem to have better security for SCPs having a GLCZ is weird, especially with SCP contained in there "

Log 2: "I have to start in the site as an IST and work back up......strange.....weird decision the foundation but I have no other choice."

Log 3: "I got into NTF and I feel at home again and some people from site-65 are here too.....I hope they like my name change."

Log 4: "WHY are there so many SCP breaches on this site it's almost all the same SCP's as the last site but triple the breaches.......I don't know how our site has not had a code black or been intervened by the Site Director to FIX THIS.......speaking of who is the Site Director I have not seen them around."

Log 5: "I got the cloaking unit specialization and it's very powerful with the ESP I can see where anyone or anything is for 50m! I am sad that our CESPEC was removed but the cloaking unit is as powerful as CSPEC

Log 6: "I'm back at NTF NCO this is nice and all the other NCOs are very nice and I feel like I fit right in and I'm back home"

Log 7: " I have noticed that 049 has taken a liking to take 035 with him on breaches, it makes re-containing them harder......I've seen many good foundation members get taken by 035 and used for 035's enjoyment.......I am losing it a little every time I see a member get turned into a -2 or get taken by 035 the look I see on their faces is just........"

Log 8: "662 SHOT ME IN THE HEAD WITH A SNIPER TODY, I was standing at HCZ vents and I noticed
him peer around the corner then.....boom....he shot me in the head with the SNIPER......good thing he shot me in the top of my helmet but it sent my head back it hurt A LOT.....I don't think I will forget that or the shock and pain I felt."

Log 9: "If 662 shot me then someone must have ordered him to.....WHO WANTED TO KILL ME, WHO WANTS ME DEAD......I WILL FIND THEM."