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>Welcome user<
_>Open Personnel file for "Downfall"?<

_>Level 4+ clearance required to access file Unauthorized entry to encrypted documents will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the SCP Foundation authority.

_>Personal Information<

Full Name
Code Name Age/Height Blood Type Blood Relations Family Relations
Neko Love
"Downfall" 21 / 5'2 B+ Mother: Catina Love
[Status: Deceased]
Father: Ari Love
[Status: Unknown]
Son: Peff Juul "Raven"
[Status: Deceased]

_>Public Information
Previous/Current Departments + Rank
Previous: D-Class, Research Agency

MTF Epsilon 6 "Village Idiots"
Rank: Executive officer [XO]

_>Personnel Medical records

Mental/Physical "Issues"
Physical Records
Mental Evaluation
Possibly has BPD?
Prone to rash actions that could cause herself harm.

Tear scar around her neck from barbed wire
Scar on arm where she was stabbed
Multiple scars from bullet wounds on her knee
Personnel has tendency to... overreact; but is getting better at keeping calm.
She is very obviously depressed, and overly anxious. Seems to be in constant fear of losing the people she cares about or dying herself. Seems to let herself be manipulated?
Further monitoring required...

Despite the listed problems she is a good leader, loyal to those she cares about and seems to not let the issues get in the way of her job.

_>Personnel Description

Young looking woman with medium length brown hair, and hazel eyes.

Personnel is prone to making rash decisions and has anxiety. She often becomes overwhelmed and is overly concerned with others' opinions of her. Additionally, she cares excessively for those close to her, to an unhealthy extent. Seems to trust people easily nonetheless.

_>Personnel Events

Being a D-Class at first, she was dragged into RA for reasons unknown to her. After some time in RA she felt misplaced and quickly took interest in E6.

From an in depth talk with personnel she seems to have been highly abused and neglected as a child. She was brought into foundation as a death row inmate after torturing and murdering at least six people claiming she only wanted them to love her. She seems regretful of her actions and begins to breakdown at the slightest mention of them.

She seems mentally stable as of now. Keep an eye on her?

Personnel went through multiple cases of being kidnapped and tortured.
She was kidnapped while in RA alongside an RA higher up. From medical reports it seems they wrapped barbed wire around her neck and tore it quite badly, along with having put multiple bullet wounds in her knee. From what it seems they simply tortured her to get information out of her higher up. After further talking to her it seems they forced her to stab her fellow foundation member multiple times, her resistance only making said situation worse.

The second time she was in E6 and was kidnapped alongside a fellow E6 and close friend named Tom Haddox. The Chaos Insurgency seemed to have a strange glowing tree, like the one that was in garage at one point. They stabbed her in the arm and fed her blood to the tree. They then stabbed Tom to death and the tree ate his soul.
Personnel was highly distraught and blamed herself. Survivors guilt? along with losing a friend. May need mental evaluation.

The third time she was kidnapped, they kidnapped her CPT at the time as well. They branded her with a heated branding iron that said CI and the brand still remains on her arm. They tried to use torturing her to get information out of her CPT, but he didn't spill. They shot her in the knee four times with a shotgun.
Personnel seems mentally unwell.

She was captured once more, alone this time. Though she seemed to withhold information she did say what happened.
They tortured one of their own CI in front of her, she wouldn't give an explanation why. She said they killed him in front of her, but she later figured out he was still alive.
The CI's name was apparently Krumpet.

The prior mentioned CI defected to foundation. Him and Downfall had romantic relations while he was still part of CI. Personnel was later found to be class G'd of her relationship with Krumpet, and made to believe her relationship was with a CI code named Seven Three. The reason for this is unknown. To get back at their defector?

Class [REDACTED] was used to aid her.
The defector CI seemed to lose all of his memories of CI and his meeting with Downfall, and later he was declared executed for treason by MU-4.

Her adopted son Raven was executed by MU-4, reason being treason. Her words were: "MU-4 are all monsters."

Personnels Mental health is not well.

_>Personnel Opinions
Red: Hates/Despises Yellow: Dislikes/Intolerant Grey: neutral/no opinion Blue: Okay with Green: Likes/Cares For Purple:Loves

Voice recorded and written thoughts she has stated.

Being ignored or shrugged off.

Genuine dislike to harming others. May be caused by what she did in the past.
Dislikes when people raise their voices at her.

Ice cream, Kindness, and Caramel Frappes.
E6 as a whole, she sees them as a family.


Most of CI and foundation fall in neutral.


Tim Brownz: "He is one of the most obnoxious, random, rudest CI I have ever met."

John Walters: "I just want him to like my tator tots..."

Dragon: "Very calm CI, plus he loves my tator tots!"

Dr. John: "For a CI scout he seems alright."

Dr. Hiden: "He has a friendly demeanor."

Canary: "I have trouble understanding, but I thank you none the less."
//Believes she cares more about members of the site than command does.

Fracture: "Why do you care so much? My life is meaningless in the end..."
"Please keep my E6 safe. They are all I have left..."

Psycho: "He seems... I- can we move on?" any further comments are refused.

Seven Three: "I miss you..."
He was killed and it seems to have left quite a hole for her. I'm sure losing her son not to long before didn't help.


(//Believes site command doesn't care about their own staff. Or at least at this point CI seem to care more in her eyes.)

Akatosh: "You deserved what you got."

> Mu-4 Debuggers <

Mu-4: "First you take my fiance... then you murder my son... you are all monsters."

DDoS: "I trust you still, but please don't betray me..."

Tesla: "Why?"









> E-6 "Village Idiots" <

Tex: "Hes a good 2nd Lt. I miss Tom..."

Vitalis: "I'm sorry I'm so problematic. He is an amazing medic."

Bilbo Winters: "One of my favorite E6 NCO's. We carry on with Bilbo Squad!"

Raven: "He was so dumb... They took him from me... My own child..."




Hoffman: "He retired. I'll miss bothering you."

_>Personal Items

An Expensive looking ring.

A bracelet given to her by someone she loves.
"I... Even your daughter? I- I'm sorry."

An infinite pocket void of tator tots.

Ravens urn of ashes and his death certificate.

"You may not have been my birth child... but I loved you. God I loved you..."


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