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F:\\Site-68\Departments\Epsilon 6\Personnel\\'Tex'


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Level 4 Clearance Required. Unauthorized Entry To Encrypted Documents Will Be Persecuted To the fullest Extent Of The SCP Foundation Authority. Scroll Down To Continue.


Code Name:

Full Name: Matt Axel Smith

Blood Type: O+

Department: E6 - "Epsilon 6"

Rank: 2LT

Description: A 6,3 Man With Short Hair And a Even Shorter Beard. Always Has A Baseball Hat On. Is Nice To Everyone But When the People He Cares For Is Hurt He Will Act For Them. Knows Everyone Has A Time Of "Importance".

Impactful Events: 4/26/####- Was Captured By CI And Branded With The Text "The Cure" Aswell As Four Ribs Broken And Left Ring finger Broken. This Event has Made 'Tex' Think All CI Are The Same And Need There Time of "importance" To Show Up Sooner By His Hand. The One That Branded Him is His First Target So to Speak.

5/19/##- Learned He Would Die From Old Age Or From Gun Fire. But Was Also Told That He Has Not Made Some Choices Yet In His Life So It Could Change.

5/25/##- Tex Was Captured and tourtered in which he was set on fire and had a finger cut off. in the end He had to gte a cybernetic arm becouse of nerv damage

6/5/## - Punted A Kid Twice. First time He Was Caught And Was Told he Wuold Be Demoted And Have His Legs Cut Off. Second Time He Did It Without Anyone Knowing But is Pretty Sure He Was Seen By Magnet

6/12/## - Was Captured by Ci And They Did the Following To Him While They had Him. (fucked up cybernetic right arm, Cut Off Left Arm, Bleach in right eye, Stab Wound in right leg form crowbar, "CI" Carved Into Chest, Joker Smile Carved into sides of mouth And Rope Burn Around neck from being hung}



CI - "Hurt the People I Care For."
Kids/Children - "WIll Always Punt Em."
Goats- Thinks There Annoying and Smelly

D-Class - "Some Are Smart. Some Are Dumb. Who Can Fix That?"

Sniper Rifles - "A Sniper Is Like A Car. Take Care Of It And It Will Take Care Of You."
E6 - "These People are family To Me. I Will Kill For Them"

Thoughts on People:


"The Cure" - "Branded Me With His Own Name And Broke Four Of My Ribs."
Commander "Psycho" - "A Ten Foot Tall Zebra Who Acts Like A Child."
"Seven-Three" - "Tourtered And Hurt Fellow E6 Members And Treats Them As Toys."

Mu-4 - "Most Of Them Act On Word. One Of Them Stabbed Me In The Leg."



'DownFall'- She May Hate Me For Replaceing her Buddy Tom but She is A Good Fighter."
Ace Sol - "Saved My Life And Other E6 Members"

Unique Items:

- Silver Flask With The Letter "S" Ingraved In It
Given To "Tex" by His Brother Before He Left And Was Never Seen Again.

- Black And Red Ice Pick
Tex's Favorite Tool and Always Has It On Him (CI AND ANYONE ELSE MAY USE THIS INFO IN RP}

Metal Ice Cream Scooper
Given to him By Dr.Haliday For Pluking Eyes Out

-Old Worn Down Site-65 Badge
A Badge From His Time On Site 65 As A E6

A Pet Snake Named "Enchilada"
Was Handed To Him By Phoenix While Down in Site.

Pers Comms Tex Has
Dr. Ovaiss
Dr. Hoffman
Dr. John

NTF Grim
Grey Crow
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