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Management Team
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Personnel Info

Name: George Strand

DOB: March 16th, 1990 Place of Birth: Ketchikan, AK

Age: 33 Gender: Male

Nationality: Caucasian

Department: The General Security (GENSEC) Unit of Site-85

Rank: Executive Officer

Personnel History
George Strand spent the majority of his life out in the wilderness. He was always a man who looked at the nature in a way that was a gift to humanity. Seeing the good in not only the trees that surrounded him, but also the people he came to know. He grew up hunting elk and supported his father's fishing business till the age of 19 where he left to study agriculture at the University of Vancouver, Canada; somewhere close enough to the city but also close to the forest he came to grew up in. When he graduated he came home to discover that his father's business was on the brink of bankruptcy since the salmon in the area had become endangered due to a sudden increase of salt levels in the river stream which the fish could not live in. Second to that, the increased salt levels had brought an infestation of king crab, killing off the additional fish that were in high demand. George urged his father to file for bankruptcy but his father's stubbornness prevented him from listening to his own son. This caused a disconnect from their relationship as George decided to move east to Atlanta where he decided to start his own farm. By the time he became 30, he received a call from his uncle that his father died of stage 3 kidney failure and he returned home to Ketchikan. Before he stepped on the plane he was stopped by two individuals wearing black suits as he was told to follow them towards an empty garage.T̶̪̓h̷̠̓ẻ̸͉r̵̮̔ĕ̴̱ ̸̧͠h̶͔͋e̶͒ͅ ̴͇̈́w̷̚͜a̶̡͛s̴̻̓ ̷̘͂ṭ̴̏o̷͓͗l̶͇̃d̷̙̔ ̶̹̏t̴͙̉o̸̤̎.̵̦̌.̸͉͝.̶̨̽.̶̳͌.̶̲̈ ///MISSING VALUE///

Personnel Logs

No.1365 (12/30/2023): Testing, testing. Is this thing working? Ah, perfect. Alright, well, this is it. One day after I passed my leadership certifications and we are nearly ready here to get a look on the recruits once they get here to the site. And I just so happened to meet the captain, a really interesting individual. Be good to working with him. And most importantly, the recruits. I took a little look into the manual that we have here. Our main job, providing security for the site and the anomalies that coexist within it. I visited D-block earlier and it seems that the subjects have been a little bit more calm than usual. I'm assuming that's just chance where they get a day off. Maybe they have a pizza day or some shit like that. I don't even know. But I digress. I'm a bit concerned of the moralities surrounding this place. I know that the SCP foundation claims to do what they need to do for the sake of humanity. My job is to only hope that I live up to that ethos and hopefully the captain feels the same way about this. Well, looks like a better hit the hay. Got more physical training tomorrow and we got recruits coming in sooner than later. I just wish they had more windows in this place. Maybe make things a lot much simpler only to see a glimpse of the sunlight rather than going up through the surface. But hey, guess I better quit myself with some of the staff going to know them for a while. I'm probably gonna be the only faces that I'll be able to see throughout the majority of the day. And hell, maybe have a few nights at the town while I'm at it. Downtown Cairo is supposed to be beautiful during the night and supposedly you can see the pyramids over reaching out through the sunset, but time off is through the amount of work that you put in and better be looked on as a reward rather than anything else. Just better upkeep, the practice of optimism, that's for sure. Well, better hit the hay. Next audio log will be whenever the fuck I feel like it. Peace.

Personnel Opinions


Olives: Way too salty, why do people even enjoy these things?

Chaos Insurgency: They are an annoyance more than anything. They killed so much of us but I myself have no personal feelings regarding them.
However I understand in dire circumstances we could possibly benefit from one another.

Abel: A violent killer, but at least he's someone that can be reasoned with.

D-Class: I want to give them a chance to do right, but all their animalistic behavior keeps tipping me off.

NTF: I respect the work they do to keep those SCP's in check but goddamn are they loud with the work they do. Must get that shit from their Cappy.

Felix Winters: Very loud and obnoxious. I keep on forgetting he's even a Captain sometimes; but he keeps those SCP's and CI off our backs so I won't complain much.

Site Director Benoit: Do I trust him enough confidentially to lead our Site. He seems pretty hesitant about his job. Maybe I'll lend him a hand down the line.

Doctor DiGiorgio: A man obsessed with greed and obnoxious on that degree. Though I will give him credit for raising up such a fantastic research team.

IST: I won't lie I was hesitant with these guys at first, but IST have become what I consider a second family to GENSEC. Always welcome in our doors.

Lola: I hope they get well. They've been a massive help for this operation and they're definitely up to something, but I can see a bit of overreaction from them.

Medical: What can I say, without these guys we'd all be fucked. Been very helpful and great to work alongside.

E6: I've had nothing but great interactions with E6, Rainbow especially has been very cooperative in what we have accomplished on the recent mission.

RA & Research: Same as E6, was very helpful in the operation to help Lola get us that data. Couldn't have done it without em.

Peanut Butter Sandwiches: These things have helped me through childhood, college, and now here. The perfect snack and meal for everyone. Sure hope no one in our unit has a peanut allergy.

Gio Savona: I knew I made the right decision letting him jump the rank to CPL and eventually becoming one of our NCO's. I can see him as a future model leader for GENSEC.

Jaden: Same with Gio, great model leader. Hope to see great things from him.

Joey Schlackie: Great leader. Honored to work alongside him.

Karl Ruprecht: He seems like a good kid. Better keep an eye on his progress we'll see what he can bring.

George Baker: Hope to see this man in high places one day. I can tell he definitely cares about the Site as well as the D-Class we try to help out.

Peters Patters: Crazy old bastard. He's smart but there's somethin definitely to him.

Art Sigma: Great model leader, will definitely keep an eye out for him.

Captain Daimyo: My respect is unlike any other for that man. We've built GENSEC from the ground up and I will always be happy to fight along side him.

Neos Griffin: A good man who has the best of intentions for GENSEC and D-Class, could never have chosen a better leader to find the best in those D-Class.

GENSEC: I consider all of them my brothers. I hope to see them lead Site-85 to greatness one day and wish all of them the best.

Dad: One stubborn sonofabitch, but one that has taught me everything I know. May you watch over me in my new life.
The Forest: ///MISSING VALUE/// is definitely gonna take some time to get used to; still nothing can beat the quite, cool, and calm atmosphere of home.

Personnel Items
DALL·E 2023-12-30 15.09.03 - A necklace with a pendant in the shape of a fishing hook, but the...png
Fish Hook Necklace
Was given to me by my Father when we made our first big catch back when I was 16. A piece of home that's very important to me

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