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Foundation Database: Captain "Daimyo"

[AD] Daimyo [SCP]

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Jackson "Daimyo" Higgs

Position: General Security Captain
Previous Employment: Private Security Lead
Status: [ACTIVE]

General Information
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 05/24/1997
Place of birth: USA, Texas, Terlingua

Background Information

Personal History
Jackson Higgs was raised in Texas, raised by his Mother with the visitation rights from the father. His mother had severe PTSD from her abusive father as well from the military. His father was quite on the opposite side of the table, his father was more like a mother to him. His father taught him a lot of what he knows considering he was a hunter while also being an engineer. The time spent with his father was eventful, while time with his mother was a lot of “hoping for a better life” moments alone in his room. His father took time to teach his son the ways of the rifle as well how to construct weapons and a fraction time spent on traps, while most were modern some were also traditional. Life with his mother was quite a journey, to what he would compare “Hell and back, and even hell would seem nicer”. Jackson had only a few friends that allowed him to keep his sanity while away from his father. Of those include Bruce, George, and Borlik they all fine tuned their practices in using a rifle. This also worked out as his brother (George) was in the friend group making it easier to hang out with him as well. Every opportunity Jackson had to hangout with his brother & friends he took, whether he had to tell the truth or lie he would always be there. With Jackson being quite the marksman, he often participated in shooting competitions. Most of the time Jackson came in 1st place. As such just a like any other competition, he had made an incredible shot winning him the first place spot yet again. Although this time was no different compared to others so far. Not so much the place is what was special, it was the bullet. When it was fired and shortly retrieved by the firing range staff, they noticed two special characteristics about it. One the bullet only had a few scratches, and the scratch two were formed in the shape “MV”. This bullet he holds very close to his heart as it was shot from the rifle that his father gave him shortly before his passing. Every morning he takes the bullet and cups it in his hand for a moment of silence to remember his father.

Later in life, once he became a young adult he had firstly gotten a degree in computer engineering. Although during his college days he had gotten a job in a kitchen. One night, he was in charge of cleaning up after service with his job being a manager. He was in the process of cleaning out the walk-in freezer and ended up locked inside. He wasn’t found until later that morning nearly frozen to death. After receiving medical attention, he was diagnosed with Cryophobia. Although he proceeded with his life, and moved on to be in better mental & physical health. He proceeds to find a job with the use of his degree, obtaining his dream job. During this time, he also focused on his physical health working out at least 1 hour a day. Achieving a prime physical state, with an idealistic attitude. He had also received leadership training, as he received a promotion to team leader. He was later on relieved of his duty as they no longer required his services. He proceeds to look for an alternative career path, ideally in security. Which has led him to the Foundation, where he took employment there.

Physical Examination reports
Captain Jackson Higgs aka “Daimyo” is in great physical shape, excluding the minor discrepancy amongst his body from different activities. During the examination, a few scars could be found amongst his body. Firstly being a burn mark on his torso (He declined additional questioning on this topic). In the area of this burn mark, no pain is able to be felt (As reported by the operative). Secondly being a stab wound on his foot about the size of a DVD disc. After surgery, It has been found a majority of the nerves around the wound have been severely damaged. Further evaluation has showed that the nerves are beyond repair and are not susceptible to pain much like the burn mark (As reported by the operative).

Dr. Adams
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  • Electric screwdriver with select bitesize
  • Teasers
Radio Communications
  • Benoit Couture
  • Hades
  • Crota
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