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Hi I'm Vortex


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Hello, I'm Vortex! I love playing games like gmod and for honor. I'm from Canada and want to get to know many of the players on this server and the new ones that come in the future. I can't wait to continue playing this server and finding new faces and friends and helping them enjoy the server Like I had.

Atlas Uprising was the first ever SCPRP I had played. Before I joined this community I had played other roleplay genres such as Starwars RP, and DarkRP. I can say with absolute certainty that Atlas Uprising has been one of the BEST roleplay servers I have ever played. I joined this community back around I believe late 2020, and I have never enjoyed a roleplay server more than this one. If there's any server that's worth playing, It's Atlas Uprising. Atlas Uprising has the most unique experience I've ever been able to find within Gmod because when I had joined this community I truly loved how the executives of the server played it and interacted with the community. Whenever you wanted to try a roleplay scenario it wasn't difficult getting it looked at and the executives were always kind and polite whenever you brought up your idea to them. Atlas Uprising has allowed me to enjoy the SCPRP genre because of how the Staff team and Management team run the server. To be quite frank the only reason I actually enjoyed this server was because of how kind Soul was to me and to new members, that's what brought me into this community. I've never found any other server with playerbase interaction from the executives like I had from AU, which makes this server truly the most unique server I have ever played.
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