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| # > boot_init.exe initializing...
| # > Initializing: {
| # > Chaos_Mainframe.encrpt
| # > SecureConnection.network
| # > Watchdog_63.exe
| # > }
| # > Process Complete.


◉ ═══════════════════════ ⭗ [////// AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED] ⭗ ═══════════════════════ ◉
> CID: **************************
> USERNAME: *********************
> PASSWORD: *********************

◉ ═══════════════════════════ ⭗ [ ##### ACCESS GRANTED] ⭗ ═══════════════════════════ ◉


CALLSIGN: "Annex" / SI: Operative
STATUS: Alive.
RANK: SI: Operative
Gender: Male
Place OF Birth: << ERROR_DATA_MISSING >>
Date Of Invitation: February 24th, 2019
Physical Description: << ERROR_DATA_MISSING >> "Annex" << ERROR_DATA_MISSING >>is a 5'10 shaved man with broad shoulders and a strong build. He has a deep set of brown eyes that seem to hold a hint of sadness and a sense of determination. His dark hair was always slightly unkempt, adding to his rugged appearance. Despite his height, "Annex" had a way of moving with grace and purpose. His posture was always straight, and his movements were deliberate. He had a commanding presence that made others take notice when he entered a room. His hands were calloused from years of hard work, but they were also surprisingly gentle when he needed them to be. His voice was deep and calming, with a hint of gravel from years of smoking. He seemed like a man out of another era, with his simple yet rugged appearance. He was the kind of man who didn't need to say much to make an impression physical presence spoke volumes.
Blood Type: AB Negative
Date Of Birth:4/6/2000
- "Annexs" medical records are short for the most part. So far in his time in Cell-Omnicron, he has not gotten himself into much trouble. The only injuries he has received are small shrapnel pieces to the torso and legs—whiplash, and lastly a concussion from all the explosions he caused. Medical records will auto-update with each new visit to the infirmary.

- As of 5/20/2024, Annex now has two cybernetic legs and a cybernetic right arm. The shrapnel he had once from another fight had gotten worse and began to get infected. Due to Terran not moving to get the infection sorted, there were complications, both his legs and right arm wore beyond saving and must be amputated. He now walks with both legs being cybernetics and his right arm.

Weight: 136LBS = 61kg
Skin color: Dark white complexion.
SSGT: "Canary"

"It's weird to think that you wore one part of the exact thing I hate the most in my life. What brings me purpose is the place you worked for, for however long you wore. I still don't know why I stuck my neck out for you when the E6 was trying to get you back into foundation but something felt like I had to. I had to help you, I still don't know why. Maybe there is a reason, but I just have to trust my gut for now. I still to this day don't know what led you to not be in the foundation anymore, All I've ever done is follow orders, no matter how bad or out of nowhere it seems. Maybe there is something more to you than just a random GENSEC went rouge. I'll just have to see. I hope I'm not wrong about you."
Commander: "Psycho"

"Ah, commander, Jesus sir, I don't know really what to say about you. Since day one you've been there. leading Chaos to a greater good. I hope you keep doing so, I'm glad to call you a friend and a comrade. There are some things, the ways you lead, how you push your men, how you keep them in line, and the way you... make the foundation look bad. It gets to me sometimes and I still need to take time and fully understand that we are doing something for the greater of the world, even if I don't fully understand it yet. I hope to see you around some more Commander."
Senior Operative: "Joey"

"Jesus Joey, where do I even start? For the short time we have all been around you know how to make a name for yourself, In both a good and bad way that is. I do respect you in some ways yet in others... not so much. You do tend to get a little ahead of yourself and put yourself in harm's way yet I guess that's something we all tend to do, you do it more than others would expect. I can respect you in how you take charge, and lead us whether we need it or not. There are a lot of places I see you going, and up is one. I hope I can call you more than just brother one day, maybe sir, or even commander, who knows what the future has in store for you. Good luck."

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I hit max so here is more

Spire Operative: "Sintara"

"My boy, Sintara does know how to put a smile on my face, every time he wakes up, I run straight over and rob him of that gun, and oh boy does that shit make me happy, unlike a lot of other people he doesn't care if I take it which is different but ay it's just a gun. Overall you're a nice person, bro, you really do make a difference in CI whether you know it or not, and I really could see you going far one day, just gonna take time, and if I'm honest, I wish I could see you lead more, I honestly think you would do amazing if you put yourself out there but, hey can't make you."

Vice Commander: "Seven-Three"

"Vice Commander Seven-Three, honestly, one of my favorite people around, the only man that I know, is the most dedicated and hard-working out there, and honestly for good reason. I'm honestly thrilled to be able to work with you every single day, you bring peace and order to this world no matter the cost. I'm glad we can work together to open people's eyes and show them the true evil is right under their noses. I hope you can keep like this sir, I don't wanna ever have to do something I'm going to regret, stay safe."

Staff Sergeant: "Amnesia"

"Amnesia, there isn't a real lot I know about you yet, besides the fact you defected and somehow just randomly showed up here. you do seem a bit out of it sometimes, almost like you are gonna go a little insane now and then but I guess we all are sometimes. It's been a nice time knowing you and hopefully moving down the like me and you will stay connected. As long as you don't go crazy on us."

Medical Attending: "Paradox"

"There isn't a whole lot I can say about you Paradox, besides the fact that for some reason us CI, always manage a way to capture you, but that's beyond me, I can't help it if I'm honest. You seem like a good guy tho, and sorry for torturing you all the time, I can't stop other people from hurting you but I don't, so that's that I guess."

2nd Lieutenant: "Magnet"

"I don't get how every time we raid you are somehow in the surgery room chilling, it is just always a quinidine that it happens but it does make me laugh. I don't get to talk to you that much but when I do you seem like a very kind and affectionate person, I'll still try my best to not bomb you whenever we raid."
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// Meaning I hit the limit I need to free up space so for how the relations work, see below.

█ █ █ █
#’d Left-to-right, each square above corresponds to a different aspect of how Terran views your character. If there are any questions, feel free to DM or Ping me on disc.
1. Thoughts of you professionally: Admired █ | Respected █ | Trusted █ | Approval █ | Neutral █ | Disapproval █ | Hatred █ | Fear █
2. Thoughts of you in general: Admired █ | Respected █ | Trusted █ | Approval █ | Neutral █ | Disapproval █ | Hatred █| Fear █
3. Relationship Status: Partner █ | Family-Like █ | Close Friend █ | Friend █ | Acquaintance █ | Enemy █
4. Interest in you: Partner █ | Friendship | None █ | Curiosity █ | Professional █ | Secretive █
† = Deceased / ® = Retired/Transferred / = UNKNOWN​
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// Updates too

Relations. Adding:

Spire Operative: "Sintara"
Vice Commander: "Seven-Three"

Status. Adding:

/-/ Vanguard Sqaurdon

I hit the word limit, so will add more of the 1st comment as part 2.
// Updates too

Relations 2nd Post.

Chaos insurgency:
Staff Sergeant: "Amnesia"

Medical department:
Medical Attending: "Paradox"
2nd Lieutenant: "Magnet"