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~~~ Level[4] Personal File: Captain "Rainbow" ~~~


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Sean "Rainbow" Adler
Position: Epsilon 6 "Village Idiots" Captain

General Info
Name: Sean Adler
DOB: 06/09/1992
Birthplace: Colorado, Denver
Blood Type: A+
Status: Alive
Gender: Male

Physical Features
Eye Color: Baby Blue
Height: 5'10
Hair Color: Rainbow
Facial Hair: none
Body Weight: 180 Lbs.

Mother Status: Alive
Name: Stella Adler
Father Status: <Unkown>
Name: Jacob Adler

Occupation: Epsilon 6 “Village Idiots” CPT
Past Occupation: Police Detective


Law Enforcement Career:
Seans father setting the inspiration for his son was a Police officer himself. When Sean was still a boy his father beloved by the community and coworkers Jacob was also one of their best until one investigation he disappeared and was deemed MIA. With the drive to someday find his father and follow in his footsteps Sean's career in law enforcement was a spitting image of his father with his dedication to protecting his community and his cheerful attitude to colleges and civilians alike. He quickly rose through the ranks, earning a reputation for his ability to handle cases and his unwavering commitment to justice. In his work of helping the community he would fall into what would be the hidden world of the SCPs.

Transition to the Foundation: During following up on an anomalous incident described by a civilian, although skeptical, Sean pursued the lead finding himself in an abandoned warehouse. Sneaking through the warehouse following an otherworldly sound out of nowhere a team of masked soldiers with a strange symbol of their vests come in and content what seems to be a creature never seen before. After the creature was secured Sean, having seen everything, confronts the masked men hesitantly and as they turn their weapons toward him one of them looking at a handheld device asks commends Sean on his duties and commitments toward his career and conviction. The man gives the choice to Sean to join them, learn more about what the creature was and to continue his passion for justice and protection in a bigger way. Sean, hesitant of leaving his friends and loved ones behind he realizes this may be the world his father may have joined or been the victim of these anomalous creatures, his conviction to protect and finally have a chance at finding his father grows as he accepts the man's deal as a portal opens in the room as he steps through the portal he looks back to the empty room with the man and says "I'm sorry mom, I'm going to find dad".

Then and Now: Sean was told his old life was covered and was considered MIA by the police department, like his father was, during a case as to have no suspicion of his disappearance after the warehouse. After getting answers about the world of SCPs and being introduced to the Foundation Sean was drawn to the Mobile Task Force Epsilon 6 “Village Idiots”. Starting as a PVT yet again, remembering his time in the academy, he worked his way up the ladder showing his dedication and leadership to his superiors. One day after his longtime current Captain stepped down, it was finally his time to lead his branch or more so he would call family. To this day while committing his life to the foundation he still searches and hopes to find his father somehow.

~~~~~~~~Anything beyond this is ooc so you know the saying....found out in RP~~~~~~~~~~

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Personal Inventory
#1: Small rainbow flag pin (Pinned to left shoulder)
#2: Small Police officer toy

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