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Personnel File: Dr. Riley Halliday [Hackable L5]


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<< :: Personnel File - Riley Halliday :: >>

[Level 5+ Beyond this point]

Authorized Personnel Only


Create Life Out Of Death. Logic out of Chaos.




Name: Riley Halliday

Codename(s): ‘Smithfields’ ‘Clucks’ ‘Nintendo’

Status: Active - Site-68 | Inactive - Site-88r / Site–7b / Site-85 / Site-86

Gender: AMAB, Non-Binary (They/Them/He/Him)

Date of Birth: August 19, 1980

Place of Birth: Washington, North Carolina, United States of America

Occupation(s): SCP Foundation Site-68 Head of Research

Clearance Level: Level 5-V

Site ID: <0:0:80250898>

On-Site-Communications ID: <#277306613373599744>

Physical Description:
Height: 6’2”;
Weight: 180 lbs;
Hair: Dark Brown, partially dyed multiple colours, frazzled, constantly changing style;
Eyes: Brown, homochromatic, natural;
Age: 43;
Additional: Average/Semi-Heavy Build, Right Handed. Excessive sleeper.

Appearance: Almost always wears a lab coat over pajamas and never anything else unless for safety. Combs Tech Wyoming Dr. Martens Boots or Satan bedroom slippers. Always has a CBRN Gas Mask tied to their belt.

Medical Information:
Blood type: AB+
Allergies: N/A - Highly sensitive to Ketamine.
Cybernetics: Left Eyeball.
Gun-Shot Wounds: 2x 7.62x51R to chest, 1x 12 guage to jaw, 1x 12 guage to left shoulder. 1x GSW to Right bicep. 13 GSW to center mass, specifically abdominal region. 1x Left Shoulder.
Healing from: Approximately twenty(20) puncture wounds to neck ; moderate drugging incident ; forced cuts on right forearm. Please screen for two weeks, starting Apr. 19 2024 for tetanus, PTSD, and additional repercussions from foreign biological bodies. Physical and speech therapy advised.
Apr. 24, 2024: Subject, 'Dr. Riley Halliday' was nearly killed by an explosion approximately 1 yard from his person. Subject has re-injured their jaw into a near-inoperable state. Speaking is not advised. Subject's left eye was hit by a piece of shrapnel and is no longer functioning. Subject received burns across his lower face and both legs. Skin grafts were taken from subject's left leg. Subject was injured by several pieces of shrapnel from the explosion. Namely, several small fragments to his chest, one large fragment to upper torso. Heavy shrapnel wounds were received on both legs. Walking is not advisable.
Apr. 30, 2024: Subject 'Dr. Riley Halliday' was greviously injured by "trees" though information regarding the incident is currently sparse. Full body burns received, 1st and 2nd degree. Initially treated by 1lt 'Phoenix' and SSG Ace Sol. Administer bandaging, burn cream, and maybe aloe vera regularly. Check for needed skin grafts in follow up visit.
Apr. 30, 2024. Using crutches after shooting. Monitor vitals. Take prescribed medication.
May 20, 2024. Subject reports pain when walking. Issues with knees and ankles.
June 3, 2024. Gunshot wound to left shoulder.
June 9, 2024. [Data Removed.]
June 11, 2024. Broke both tibias and both fibulas in their lower legs. Placed and screwed back into place by Dr. Zephyra, Dr. Petronov, and Dr. Marco Deis.
No current developed psychological issues or effects post-enrollment.

Cognitive Resistance Value (CRV) 118.75 (Notable)
Psychic Resistance Index (PRI) 14-B
Psychic Resistance Score (PRS) 87.5/100
Foundation Standardized Test: 96/100
Foundation Personnel Test: 84/100
Foundation Psychological Evaluation Assessment: 44-C-7. Avg. 91/100
Foundation Physical Aptitude Test: 76/100

Therapist’s Note(s): “Convoluted history in the Foundation. Hired after one of the Found's(Foundation's) 'EduSCiP' programs, or whatever they're called. Some sort of degree in general Anomalous Sciences. Worked in Amnesthesiology before some of the major shifts in the study occurred. Later moved to Euclid Humanoid Containment where his skills seemingly proved useful in preventing a few catastrophes. Apparently earned an award from it, but I couldn't locate any information on it in the DB(Database). Lately, he's been in SpecRe(Specialized Research Division) and I haven't received any notices regarding incidents, so that seems to be going well. Overall, he has experience. Is he the best at his job? Gods no. Just check his incident card for that proof- though I'll admit he has been getting better. Scored well in regular Personnel Tests (CRVA, PRIE, PRSA, FST, FPT, FPEA, FPAT) so, as his acting therapist before his transfer, I'm clearing him for continued employment within the SCP Foundation. Riles, if you're reading this, good luck.” Dr. Maddie Heinz, I.S-Med-Div.NA-U.13, February 29, 2024

Notable Document(s): Driver’s License. State of North Carolina ID. Civilian Firearms License. Concealed Carry License. Foundation Personnel ID. Foundation Issued Clearance Card. Foundation Issued Medical Card. Foundation Issued Insurance Card. Foundation Gen. Use Civilian Debit Card. Foundation Personnel Incident Card [7Mi-0Ma-0Ca/2IF-2Mi-0Fe/0BL-0DM-0FT].

History: Born in Washington, North Carolina. Graduated from Sancre Tor High School in 1997 and later Secondary Carolina Provincial University in 2003. Hired to the SCP Foundation in 2005 at Site–7b working in the off/on-site Amnesthesiology Division. Transferred to Site-88r in 2009 to the on-site Euclid Containment Division, and later the off/on-site Specialized Research Division in 2016. Transferred to Site-85 in 2024 to the on-site Research Division. Promoted to Research Expert on April 24th, 2024. Promoted to Deputy Head of Research at Site-85 on May 4th, 2024. Transferred to Site-86 on May 5th, 2024. Became Head of Research of Site-86 on May 14th, 2024. Site-86 Fight Night Champion as of May 22, 2024. Transferred to Site-68 on June 4, 2024.


J. Halliday - Adoptive Father

Unknown - Biological Father

K. Mothwick - Biological Mother (Deceased)

No listed Siblings

Cold, not cruel.

< :: HATES :: >

  • The Chaos Insurgency. I'm here to do my job, you're here to do yours. Stick in your lane or I'll bite, goddamnit.​
  • Chemistry. Need I say more other than it makes no god-damned sense??​
  • The dentist. Fuck off. My teeth.​
  • Able. The earth you walk on will soon be your grave.​
  • Chimerists. Perfection is the enemy of progress. Do me a favour and fuck off.​

< :: DISLIKES :: >

  • Anomalies. You learn enough about them, you find the bleeding edges. Logic is illogical and science fails. Yet we continue. These things can do 180's at complete random. Don't trust them.​
  • Class-D Personnel. Please just tell me these are clones so I can sleep well at night.​
  • Names. Too many fuckin' names. Hard to remember.​
  • Anesthesia. It really fucks me up. For. A while.​
  • Goats. Baaaaahumbug.​

< :: NEUTRALS :: >

  • The SCP Foundation. We ain't paid to like our methods, we're here to use them.​
  • The Mobile Task Force Division. I don't care how many times my therapist tells me that my... intolerance for them is unhealthy- those fucks stole lunch 13 too many times. I GUESS they, ya know, save lives, but that doesn't mean I can't have a distaste for them. The E-11 Captain is... intriguing.​
  • Professionalism. Do I respect it? Usually. There a time and a place? Absolutely. Will I always abide by it? No promises, chops.​
  • Dr. Gusteau. Fuck you.​
  • Dr. Major. I mean. You didn't kill me.​

< :: LIKES :: >

  • Science. Science!​
  • Dungeons and Dragons. Dude, seriously, need I explain?​
  • Accents. Dialects. They're neat. Fun to study. Interesting.​
  • Bethesda games. Bite me, they're fun. Even Fallout 76. Here's hoping that TES 6 drops before I die.​
  • Stories and Tales. I mean, they're fun, they're interesting, they let you peer into somewhere you weren't. Like that guy I knew in Amnesthesiology who always had to "test the product" That guy was so fucked up but holy high hell was he funny. Rest in Peace. He forgot how to breathe.​
  • Bones. what is a skeleton's favorite plant? A bone-zai tree! Please don't sue me.
  • The Research Agency Security. Aside from the [1] incident(s) so far, these guys seem capable. Nice to actually have direct security, especially at a new site. Hard to gauge how safe a site is until you've been there a while, or died along the way.​
  • Dr. Drive. Interesting methods, but effective. You've helped me and others. Thank you.​
  • Dr. Longhart. I'm becoming a regular, huh?​
  • Dr. Chidaruma. You've been a hell of a guy to work with. Get some allergy meds?​
  • Chip. You're adept at your work.​
  • Ace Sol. You've helped me, you're nice.​
  • Crota. Make better financial decisions. Good gun, though.​
  • Elijah Jones. Neat guy.​
  • Aleksandr Akimov / Van Gogh! ALEKSANDR! FETCH ME THE BRAIN!​

< :: LOVES :: >

  • Cryptids. C'mon, buddy, ya's got to admit that Cryptozoology and the SCP Foundation go hand in hand. Half the damn reason I took those science classes to begin with... Look where that got me! Sorry, Oak Ridge. Foundies got me first.​
  • Pockets. The pinnacle of convenience. I don't even know how many my coat has. I've tried to count, somewhere between 3 and 40, I think?​
  • Comfort. I'm doin' mah goddamn job- lemme be comfy while doin' it damnit.​


  • Dr. DiGiorgio You're a goblin. You have strange methods. We aren't dead yet.​
  • The Anomalous Sciences. Paradoxical. Making the impossible possible, somehow. Amnestics, Reality Bending, Souls, Memetics. So intriguing, so dangerous, so unpredictable, so powerful.​
  • George Strand. Your... praxeology and methods are intriguing. You've piqued my interest. And now you're gone.​
  • Cartographer. You're hard to map out. But apparently you're able to help us, so.​

(All previous sections on Likes and Dislikes CANNOT be taken IC’ly without learning about them in RP.)

(To find out their inventory items and items they own, find out in RP. They are not listed here beyond standard load-out gear for in-game jobs.)


Items in Personal Bunks: Box containing a small neutron star, 1x Large Reality Anchor.

Dog-Tags/Tokens of the Dead: ‘Riley Halliday, Level 5 19/08/93 S-68 BT:AB+’.

Equipment: Blue Nitrile disposable exam gloves, Foundation-Issued Radio, Foundation-Issued PDA, Foundation-Issued Tablet, Level 5-V Keycard, 60x 65mg Potassium Iodide tablets, 100x Ibuprofen pills, CBRN Gasmask.

Personal Comms:
Odysseus, VISION, Dr. Flash Drive, Dr. Hunte, Dr. Ace Sol, Tommy Flanders, Cartographer, Dr. Denali/Sinatra, Dr. Hoffman, Hades, Blizzard, Magnus The Red, Dr. John, Lazarus, Gigabyte, Felix Winters, Dr. Bobby

Radio Channels:
Radio: Research, Research Agency, Foundation, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Site Command, Staff, Emergency Medical, GenSec, Epsilon-6, Epsilon-11, Mobile Task Force, Medical Division, Open.
Documents Authored: Previous files only available on Site Intranet at Site-88r and Site-7b. Incident Reports: Apr. 23, 2024 'Black Wall' ; Apr. 30, 2024 'Trees'

// Additional Comments & Notes:

Image 1: ’Character Design Male’ <.Link.>

What are you, a cop?
The Medical Section is visible to all Medical staff.


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