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Personnel File: Mark Grady


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SCP Foundation Authorized Personnel Only
<Level 1 Access Required>
Authorization Approved! Opening file......

Basic Personnel Information
Personnel Name: Mark Derrick Grady
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 7/12/1987
Department: Research Agent

Basic Family Information
Mother: Larry Grady
Father: Theresa Grady
Sister: Sadie Grady

Basic Physical Information

Height: 5'11
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Hazel
Facial Hair: Scruffy Beard
"They always told me I look like Clint Eastwood from "The Outlaw of Josey Wales"

Basic Mental Information
These notes have been placed here by the On Site Therapist.
"Research Guard Mark Grady has a tendency of acting like an outlaw from old cowboy western movies. He always brings around a bag of sunflower seeds for eating purposes. He has a tendency of getting in trouble with onsite security hence he doesnt have a very liking much towards gensec. He has been arrested numerous times by gensec and on site Nine Tailed Fox for numerous attempts of "messing around" during testing. One instance being feeding stuffed animals to SCP - 682. Another instance of throwing himself like cannon fodder to
SCP - 035. He isnt unstable per se but his over confidence puts him in tight spots a lot of the time. Other than that, he will be needing more checkups.

Basic Log Book
4/12/2024 - I got a lot done today. I made some good discoveries at my time here on site. I learned that the SCP-035 glass case is very corrosive resistant but has NO EXPLOSIVE RESISTANCE. I did 3 tests. First composed of testing C4 against the glass case. Needless to say I blew myself up. I then tested it again but it was playdough instead of C4. Then it dawned on me to try the bullet proof glass from the research bay windows. So I grabbed a spare window pane and tested the explosives. I was immediately arrested for creating an IED in research bay. I was put inside a crazy person room where the NTF Captain attempted to intimidate me. I responded to his questions with a similar answer, in which I serve the interests of the foundation and her purpose. He disliked my answer that I would continue to make IED's and we exchanged fists. Needless to say I lost to him 2-3 times in a fist fight but I landed some good fists and RKO'd him and suplexed him. I was let out afterwards. Long live the foundation.

4/12/2024 - I began looking through research bay for low clearance research documents. Apparently I came across a joke document that explained how to make like a mud cake food. I guess it imitates "mud" with oreo crumbs. So i ordered a pallet of oreos from the local store. I took it into the site and replaced all the dirt with oreo crumbs or at least the top layer. Apparently when doing so, I made a discovery that there were huge 3 foot long worms living in the gardens. After wrestling one out of the dirt, I took it to the d class wash room and with the help of 2nd Lt Phoenix and 2nd Lt Lamp we drowned it in the washing machine and burned it in the dryer. I then proceeded to use a compound of thermite to burned the entire garden room in which I was arrested again for foundation site damage. Long live the foundation.

Basic Thoughts Information
Legend: Likes Neutral Hates Voice Recording (DO NOT IC'ly, these are the personal thoughts of my character)

Foundation - Ill admit it, when I first figured out about all these SCP's... at least the ones that i know of.... I was terrified but when you think about it... They've had everything under control for a while now, or so it seems but hey, I'm getting paid.

The Gardens - A very nice place to relax and develop some science experiments

Science Experiments - Now I may not be a scientist but thats why I snoop around looking for some stuff to do ya know.... our researchers are asleep and dozing off half the time so why not do some stuff that may or may not have a high likely chance of going wrong.

E6 - Very fun MTF group to converse with and hang out with to get a coffee or do pilates with.

ASC Cypher - He's a good guy. He's what makes our NTF strong.

Dr Halliday - To be fair, i did tell you to back up when i was doing the summoning ritual

Mu4 - Just another MTF group

Gensec - The so called cannon fodder is what the scientists call them. they keep the general security of the site.

MTF - The MTF groups are focused on what their specialties are but why the **** does the NTF Captain have the build of a toothpick that has a bowling ball balanced on it.

CI - Annoying.... just let us contain these SCP's....

Cowboy Hat
Bag of Sunflower Seeds

1/3 a crate of plastic explosives
A document on how to grow plants
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