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Phage / Lucien's DCB 2.0

Cyberfloyd Fleur

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Experimental EVE Class Kill Memetic Armed.

> SEARCH:\\Cell-85\Departments\SI\Roster\{PHAGE}\Personnel-File
>Y N
Continuing In...3...2...1...

Bad Ending.


You tampered with something you shouldn't have.
Now we get to tamper with you.

The cell is a complex system. It relies on a vast feedback regulating network to maintain homeostasis, remove waste molecules, sustain the organism, so on and so forth. According to the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology, the components which comprise this system are essentially the product of your genome.
During DNA replications, errors may sometimes occur which can change the genetic sequence, known as Mutations. The vast majority of mutations are ineffective or harmless, and yet a single base pair point mutation is enough to induce Sickle Cell Anemia.

Perhaps you're familiar with the powerhouse of the cell?
We've gotten in touch with it.
The Mitochondria is just as essential to the function of the human body as the nucleus.
Being an endosymbiotic guest originating from bacteria, the mitochondria serves as the primary metabolism that fuels all your cell's activities.
This mutually beneficial relationship between mitochondria and cell has been an ongoing billion-year success.
If mitochondria were capable of having memories, by now it would surely have forgotten its prokaryotic past, much of its former bacterial genetic data lost to evolution.
But to continue the analogy, what if we reminded it of this past?
What if it decided to put an end to this relationship, or negotiate new terms?
What if this organism within an organism decided it was tired of slaving away in the task of ATP synthesis?
What if the Mitochondria became more?
We're about to find out.

Roll 20

You now have severe bone cancer.

1 or 20
Something's not right, you can feel it. . .
Your heart feels like it's pounding out of your chest, and if you stay quiet for a moment, you can hear it pounding away. The discomfort is immediate and inescapable, blood surges throughout your body in a way that you instinctively know is wrong.
You can't tell whether your veins are freezing or on fire, it's almost as though the steady flow has become like a clockwork pump, surging in and out of every vessel.
Unfortunately, it seems as though you don't even have the opportunity to freeze in shock, and like a drowning man finally tasting air, your lungs instinctually begin to squeeze and release- like a giant's fist squeezing you tight over and over as you gasp for oxygen... It's not enough, your thirst for oxygen is unquenchable.
Already it feels as though you've left a part of you behind, though you know not where.
Suddenly everything feels so very quiet, and the burning sensation subsides, as do other sensations.
You aren't working quite right anymore... It's as though your thoughts are submerged in a fishbowl, the voices of those who may be around you seem muffled and nonsensical.
As rigid as a stone, you nonetheless feel heavy where you stand.

Hmm... That's odd, your fingers are wet. Something seems to be dripping from them, seeping- no, clawing its way out from under your fingernails, molten pus- (or is it flesh?) starts to trickle and then gently flow from every pore. Before long, your metamorphosis would come to a calming conclusion as you emerge from your cocoon, a perfect vessel to serve your mitochondrial masters, a hungry five foot plated invertebrate on the hunt for its next source of carbohydrates. . .


" P H A G E "

Insurgency Rank
SPIRE Operative
Sekhmet-3: Codename "Phage"
Insurgency Assignment
(2023) December 30th - ██████
Area of Expertise
Microbial Parabiology, Chemistry, Bioforensics, Biohazard Ops.
Lucien Entrati
- Masters in Biology at
University of Oxford
- CI Laboratory Skills Development Program (Class of 2023)
Birth Date
March 15th
Biological Age
Time of Death
Primary Language(s)
Blood Type
AB Positive
Rh Positive
192 Centimeters
78 Kilograms
Eye Color
Hair Color
Light Brown
Body Type
Philosophical Profiles


Oath (April 9th 2024)

Now that I’ve been more thoroughly informed as to the existence and abundance of anomalies, I realize this isn’t merely a physical war you wage against the foundation. It is also a war over ideas and principles, a war of progress against stagnation, a war for the future of humanity.

As we seek to uncover and master this new frontier, the foundation seeks to bury it and deny humankind of its unfathomable potential. The anomalous world is a gift, not a curse. Nigh-immortality, boundless spaceflight, wisdom in a cup, and powers of creation beyond our primitive imaginations- all at our fingertips. The foundation would have us die on this rock as nothing more than a footnote in the geological strata upon which we trod.

I, Lucien Entrati, pledge wholeheartedly to join this fight.

To apply my mind, body, and soul in the pursuit of progress.
To pursue the benevolent unification and leadership of mankind under the wing of the Insurgency.
To help conquer, convert, and assimilate those factions which would deny our mission.
To unlock and harness the power of the anomalous, and to pierce the Veil in the name of Chaos.

- Dr. Lucien Entrati

Personal History

Adopted and raised in the highlands of northern Scotland, the finer details of Lucien’s early life remain undisclosed. A middle-of-the-pack graduate of The University of Oxford, Lucien was deep within his studies at the time of his recruitment by talent acquisition. Extracurriculars included attending seminars, meetings, and discussions in subjects such as computational biology,

The inciting incident for his recruitment alongside Dr. Simmons and Dr. ██████ involved the successful civilian identification of convergent mutational anomalies ██████-13a and ██████-4 in addition to the previously undiscovered instances ██████-13B and ██████-19 within fossilized Vombatiforme ilariidae tooth specimens basal to diprotodon, the associated articles have since been appended to Intracell Archive B-V. Electronic surveillance protocol has been applied to excavation data from the Namba Formation at all sites within proximity to Lake Pinpa, Australia.
Occurrences of ██████ have proven challenging to locate in the abundance of restricted paleontological and genetic records, let alone utilizing only civilian resources. These findings have demonstrated the analytical capability and ingenuity required within the insurgency research program. Although references to ██████ have since been scrubbed from the databases, the potential for Foundation discovery of the researchers and their findings renders it further necessary to ensure their protected association.

Though Dr. Entrati has not yet accomplished a doctorate, opportunities for academic visitation and a reduced schedule have been negotiated during his initiation to accommodate his continued study. Additionally, his enrollment and activities within the CI Laboratory Skills Development Program have helped his skills blossom, allowing for him to engage in a greater diversity of experiments and development projects.

Upon his assignment to Cell-85, Entrati has made steady strides as a Research Insurgent and participated in the infiltration program and SETH squad for a brief period before his recruitment to SPIRE. As a Research Insurgent, Entrati has focused on analyzing the microbial biomes of the district, local unclassified anomalous phenomena, and the interactions anomalous substances and materials have with the microbiome. His goals are to develop the fundamental understanding of biologically impactful materials and advance their utilization for a variety of purposes such as technology, weaponization, and analytical methods. With the help of the medical team, Entrati has also identified and cataloged the occurrence of the strange disease endemic to Cairo now entitled "Valk's Syndrome".

During his time in RI, Entrati suffered several significant injuries for which he receives routine treatments. Beneath his SPIRE-Issued mask, one might immediately notice that he's missing an eye, presumably taken by foundation forces while Entrati was captured during an infiltration and subjected to amnestics. This same incident also resulted in a broken foot, missing toes, fractured ribs, and scar injuries from concussive impacts to the forehead. For most of these traumas, surgery has been effective, but he remains without a second eye at this time. Currently one of his missing digits from the metatarsal up has been ameliorated by a transplant borrowed from Site-85 therapist, M█.

An earlier incident saw Entrati electrocuted in an untested and malfunctioning Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine, though fortunately, the medical team managed to successfully resuscitate him and successfully treat the subsequent stroke. These electrical injuries are still faintly visible along Entrati's arms and body. Entrati claims to have found the experience: "Invigorating".

◇ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩽ ◈ ⩾ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ◇
-Promotion Logs-
Date:New Rank:Description
December 29th 2023AI INTFollowing participation in the Laboratory Skill Development program, successfully applied to the Cell program and was assigned to Cell-85.
April 4th 2024AI PVTActivities begin at Cell-85. Assists Assault Insurgency on raiding duties following influx of Site-85 personnel in the area.
April 12th 2024RI Research InternEnrolled in Research Agency and began periodic work-study duties as a Research Intern.
April 12th 2024RI Associate ResearcherContinuing his studies, begins to publish his findings in a personal research journal entitled the "Parabiological Library".
April ?th 2024RI Junior ResearcherContinues to publish, becomes busy with off-cell studies.
Suffers severe injury from Magnetic Resonance Imaging machinery.
April 20thSeth OperativeBegins work with the Seth unit and becomes trained for Infiltrations, publishes findings on anomalous incidents in Site-85. Suffers severe injuries when captured during subsequent infiltrations.
May 6thSPIRE OperativeWas transferred out of the Seth unit and recruited to SPIRE operations.
Designated Codename: "Phage".
Personal Comms:

◇ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩽ ◈ ⩾ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶◇
Out of Character Information
◇ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩽ ◈ ⩾ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶◇

Museums, Long Walks in the Rain, Chamomile Tea, Licorice, Science, Evolutionary Biology, Microbiology, Virology, Biogeography, Books & Libraries, Ramen,
A Well-Seasoned Steak, Anomalous Studies, Pink Floyd, Quaint little sandwich shops, Dogs (and cats), Obscure animals, A nice lecture, etc.
◇ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩽ ◈ ⩾ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ⩶ ◇
◈ Natural History & Science History
◈ Weddings and Get-Togethers
◈ Peace and Prosperity
◈ A Nice Hot Meal
◈ Libraries
◈ Science
◈ Dogs

◈ Diplomacy and Politeness
◈ The Research Insurgency
◈ Rational Discussions
◈ Honesty
◈ Animals
◈ Magnus
I haven't gotten to know my former research lead that well but I'm happy for their wedding! I hope they continue to thrive here.
◈ Melon
Despite almost turning me into a vegetable, I wouldn't be here today without this man. Fantastic medic and a really likeable guy, always happy to do work with him.
◈ Polas
Pretty inspiring guy, 'nuff said.
◈ The Cure
Can always rely on this man to teach you how to correctly swing a lead pipe
◈ Dr. Cooper
This guy is kinda goofy, not sure if I can really trust him. If only he was a little more like The Cure.
◈ Dr. Atradies
Love looking through this colleague's publications and chatting with him on the odd occasion. He's got a scientific mind and asks the right kind of questions.
◈ Dr. Major
I like the guy but he owes me major bucks!
◈ Dr. Bishop
This man is on top of everything and gets along nicely with the canines, great dude!
◈ Amun
My favorite of our Dogs!
Reliable, disciplined, and friendly.
What more could you ask for in a K9?
◈ Jenkins, Green, and Eris
Great medics, the lot of them! They know how to work as a team and are each quite competent.
◈ Dragon
The guy has a head on his shoulders. He thinks critically and isn't afraid to communicate when he finds a problem. He seems to have eased in a little better then when I first got acquainted, I hope his discernment rubs off on the recruits.
◈ RI and AI
I'm all in on the research of course but our assault insurgents are equally commendable. Despite the numbers and circumstances of our conflict with the Foundation they work their damndest and know their roles well. Our units are exceptional at Cell-85.
◈ Private Jimmy Johns
Never met him before but I like his name.


◈ SEE Technology
◈ "Enhanced Interrogation"

◈ Dr. Cooper
This guy is kinda goofy, not sure if I can really trust him. If only he was a little more like The Cure.
◈ Belfry
I'm glad he brought me onto his program, but I'm a little nervous about the guy. What does he see in me?
◈ Foundation Site-85 Research Staff
Not sure if these guys know where they are... Did these guys get kidnapped or something? They always look like confused, lost puppies every time I see them.​

◈ Dr. Ridgeway
If you so much as lay a hostile finger on Amun, I swear-- your suffering will be my next experiment.
◈ Epsilon-6 Village idiots
I dunno whether to feel sympathy or contempt for these guys. What kind of fool constantly puts their life on the line in a battlefield for the sake of preserving the status quo? Seems futile and wasteful to me, especially for how little consideration the rest of Site-85 seems to offer them.

◈ "Phoenix"
I know you were lying to me. My eye doesn't just roll out of its socket and have a quick clot magically rammed in there.
◈ Tax Collectors◈ Puppy Kickers
◈ Pseudoscientific Frauds◈ The Institutional Basis of the SCP Foundation◈ Having a gun pointed at his head

Entrati's Theme song:
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