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[REVIEWED] Banned for RDM

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  1. Name : Alikhan Borzvukso STEAMNAME : alihan__k and my cousin : Chel Chelovekov STEAMNAME:muhamedmuhamed007
  2. SteamID : 76561199217390555 76561198282236419
  3. Discord Unique ID : .borzz_ moohamed_95
  4. Ban Legth (Time) : less then a year
  5. Ban Reason : RDM
  6. Evidence : Warden SSGT Chern Naga--> i telled everything to him he agreed
  7. Explain the Situation :First of all i want so begin with is that this is a very fun game to play everyday, but when you get banned for no reason it makes it worse. I am banned because someone said i "killed" a D class without reason. First of all, i was mining in the mine and he threatened me with his knife so i said , you want to fight and die ? Where he responded with stabbing me with the knife so my friend killed him. Afterwards the guy named Fire Katanason and his friend Bart Peterson killed me and my friend for wich reason ? I don't get it. Like he stabbed me then i responded with my gun so i am at fault and gets a 1 year ban? Come on man this game is fun and even funnier to play with my friend who is also banned. I am banned by Mr. Bishop. Mr. Bishop did you even listen to my story ? You were quick to ban me without even listening to me about what happened. You just banned 2 players who didn't do anything wrong. Can i please tell my story about what happened, because these 2 Fire and Bart were killing me the whole time and they didn't get anything and me and my friend did get a year ban. Also they were laughing about me and my cousin but i don't have screenrecording because at that moment i didn't think to it. But i have a SSGT Warden wich i telled everything to when it happened. I am not a kid to lie about i am being honest. I just want to play back the game with my cousin without people laughing about us. Afterwards we met them and killed them for revenge. But this was not the right thing to do with. If I get unbanned i will report the player instead of killing them back. Because Fire Katanason and his friend Bart Peterson killed me and my cousing we are getting banned. I hope to get unbanned. Thank you.
  8. Why I should be unbanned : I want to play it again with my cousin without being threathened by guys with AK's
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Bans are reviewed at the end of the month
(Thank You For making this ban Appeal, Management will get back to you at the end of the month.)

Due to some new evidence regarding toxicity towards a staff member, Chel's ban will be set to permanent. Your ban time will stay the same. Please make separate ban appeals in the future.
Not open for further replies.