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R.A.G.E KnifeSwipe

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  1. How many SCPs have you applied for and gotten Accepted? [0, 1, 2, 3 ,4]:
    1. If you put [4], which SCP whitelist would you like to swap with this one if the Application is accepted? (Ignore if less than 4): 3 This will be the fourth.
  2. Which SCP are you applying for?: SCP 947 ATL LIL man
  3. Give a detailed description of this SCP in YOUR OWN WORDS (100 Words MINIMUM): SCP 947 ATL Is a SCP owned by foundation that seems to be a shrinking suit. much like 912 the insides are hollow. though unlike SCP 912 the suit works for CI and has shrinking abilities using it the SCP mostly sneaks into Foundation to steal intel and Give D class riot reasons. It has access to infiltrator Comms and is the only type of comms it can communicate with The SCP may seem to be quite powerful but can be easily contained by being grabbed. and while also being a holo suit it isnt bulletproof and can be shot to be terminated. these are the main two ways to remove the threat of this SCP.
  4. What Object Class is this SCP?: ESCAPED
  5. How is this SCP maintained on our Server?: It isnt in a CC so cant be maintained
  6. How does this SCP breach on our Server?: Isnt contained so it cant breach normally
  7. How is this SCP re-contained on our Server?: it can be put in a CC to be "contained"
  8. What does this SCP do while breached?: It enters foundation and gathers intel/riot reasons for D class.
  9. Does this SCP fear for its life?: It doesnt seem to.
  10. Can this SCP open doors?: Yes it can
  11. Can this SCP breach other SCPs? If so, what are the rules regarding it?: No it cant
  12. Can this SCP be killed? If so, how?: BULLETS.
  13. After getting contained as an SCP, what do you HAVE to do?: Roleplay with CI for 30 minutes before reentering if i escape IF i die i will wait the 5 minutes off the job

    • Have you ever been removed from this Job? (If so, please explain why?): I have not.
    • What is a "/me"? Please give an example:
      A /me is a action describing what you are doing. such as /me Searches the D class for contraband.
    • If someone performs a "/me" against you, what do you do?: I read what the /me says and see if its valid. before doing a /roll to decide the outcome.
    • What is a "/roll"? Please give an example: A /roll is much like D&D Where you roll to see who wins a /me outcome if its needed.
      *D class jerome rolls a 56 *Gensec Pvt Shooty Rolls a 60
      in that situation the Gensec would win the roll and if it was checking for weapons the D class would have to admit and drop any weapons they have
    • What is RDM? Please give an example: RDM Or Random Death match Is where someone is killed without a valid RP reason. such as a Gensec shooting a unarmed D class because they got in his way in the middle of D block
    • What is NLR? Please give an example: NLR [New Life Rule] Is where you have to forget anything about your last life. the situation of how you died etc. Breaking NLR would be for example after getting killed by CI as a gensec in a stealth raid. running around the LCZ shouting that theirs a raid.
    • What is FearRP? Please give an example: FearRP Is where you MUST fear for your life at all costs. breaking Fearrp can be as simple as pulling out a gun and shooting someone when your being held hostage.
    • When a staff member tells you to get off the job, will you listen to them? (Yes / No): Yes. yes i will
    • Do you understand that the goal of playing any SCP is to roleplay, not get kills whenever you can? (Yes / No): That i do know

  1. What is the date? (DD/MM/YYYY): 14/04/2024
  2. What is your Discord name and Discord ID?: r.a.g.e knifeswipe
  3. What is your in-game name?: R.A.G.E Knifeswipe
  4. What is your SteamID? (Steam_64 - Example: 76561198062648488): 76561198106319557
  5. How many hours do you have in GMod, and how long do you think you've played on the server?: 18H 4m ingame and 6619 hrs in gmod
  6. What other characters do you actively play as?: SCP 035 049 and 457 Mostly asi am a SCP main
  7. Please list ALL of your warns and/or Bans: I have none!
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Please note that termination is your form of containment
Please contact a staff member in-game for your whitelist

Not open for further replies.