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Atlas Uprising

January Community Meeting & Giveaway!


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Wait does this post count as an entry? Is it a valid question?

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:29500705

Discord (ex. .●.#2451): Martin "Putin" Jones#5478

Preferred Server (CW or SCP): CW? I think? Imma say CW. Yea. No. SCP. No. CW. Uhhhhhhhhhh... yea let's do CW.

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Question: when will lightsaber crystal and hilt start spawning again, i knows it’s Biggy but are we working on it or is it set to another day?

Format coming soon

Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:503420372

Discord:Phantom ™#5485

Prefered server: CW (hilt or saw blade)

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1 minute ago, NineANG said:

if i win can i give to friend?

We can look into that if you win the giveaway, but make sure to fill out the format with your information! The one at the bottom of the announcement!


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Is there any chance of the PassiveRP jobs on SCPRP ever being expanded upon in any way?


SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:0:86507562

Discord (ex. .●.#2451): Wolfy#8895

Preferred Server (CW or SCP): SCP

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-- Questions to Discuss Possibly --

1) Discussing the future of Global EC.
2) Encouraging Passive-RP Sustainably within CW-RP & SCP-RP.
3) The Storyline of Atlas Uprising, how Management plans to further it in the public eye to help the community.


SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:0:176549092
Discord (ex. .●.#2451): Zaur#9766
Preferred Server (CW or SCP): CW-RP

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8 minutes ago, Pluto said:

Hello Atlas Uprising! Executive Management, Community Support, and I have been planning a Community Meeting to further our directives of promoting transparency and positivity!


Everyone who interacts with this post by reacting to this message or posting a question/topic to be discussed at the meeting will have a chance to win one of our prizes at our giveaway! We will do our best to review all the topics and questions you guys have to offer, and we hope to see you there on January 29th at 5 PM EST!


Prizes for our Giveaway:

- SCP: 5x Civilian Job Packs

- CW: 4x Hilt of your Choice (Standard Rules and Restrictions Apply)

- CW: 1x Sawblade Crystal: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, or Blue




How to Gain Entries:

- Reacting earns up to 1x Entry

- Posting a Question/Topic earns up to 1x Entry


Disclaimer: An individual may only gain a maximum of two entries, by posting a Question/Topic and Leaving a Reaction! Whether you decide to react to or post a question/topic, it is mandatory that you make a post using the following format to enter our giveaway!

SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441):

Discord (ex. .●.#2451):

Preferred Server (CW or SCP):

SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:1:94334737

Discord (ex. .●.#2451):Wizen#4822

Preferred Server (CW or SCP): SCPRP

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SteamID : STEAM_0:0:67655433

Discord: Alec#1738 

Preferred Server (CW or SCP): I mainly play SCP, but I'd prefer a reward from CW

Question: Would the dark saber ever be added as a cosmetic? Or just a black lightsaber color?

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- Question - { Will AU Be expanding into more games in the future of its Community? }

SteamID (ex. STEAM_0:1:201785441): STEAM_0:1:551108797

Discord (ex. .●.#2451): Umbra#2573

Preferred Server (CW or SCP): CW

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