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Media Team Official Launch Meeting


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If you are looking to do more for the community, please apply for the Media Team! All applications are now live on our Discord and the Forums.

Media Team Discord: https://discord.gg/jxUjw3erBy


Hey there Atlas Uprising!

With the Media Team officially opening up to all players, we would like to invite everyone to attend our first Media Team meeting this Sunday (Tomorrow) at 5PM EST. We thank you everyone who has already applied and joined our team, as well as the Community for being such a Positive place with amazing players.

Some things that will be gone over during the meeting are introductions to the media team, how our application process will work, and extra information for those interested in our Team. We will also go over some announcements. 


The Media Team Community Meeting will happen on 2/6/22 @ 5PM EST. Meet in the Media Team Meeting room on TS under the Meetings header.


- Katsu & Caboose


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