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As with our last security change on June 27, 2021 we announced the move from displays names to email only login.


We like to keep your security transparent and we have made a change today(3/24/2022) to further increase your security.


Change #1 - Forum Activity Validation

New Users before could:

- DM up to 10 people at once

- Upload Images

- React up to 10x a day


We have introduced a new security method to where a member has to be active within the forums to gain the privilege of DMing users, uploading images, and react more times a day.  We cannot define active as it could pose a security risk.

What will this help with?

- Mitigating malicious users who send adverse/bad imagery and/or direct messages.

- Mitigating spammers that register accounts with the intent of flooding images on the site.


Change #2 - Email Sign Up Restriction

We're now requiring the usage of known email hosting providers such as GMail, Yahoo, Outlook, Proton, etc.


This heavily mitigates the constant bot accounts that flood our platform daily. Luckily our in house spam protection does block these accounts we have found it common that they typically use unknown/foreign mailing platforms.


What will this help with?

- Mitigating spam accounts made with the intention of advertising or spam.



Was there something that caused this?

Nothing exactly occurred, we always deal with spam but we have decided to take further steps in light of security concerns on a global standpoint.

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